It is easy to understand that filing for divorce in California without a lawyer is only possible if you have no kids. But this option also means that you will need to think about how to deal with legal separation. This is crucial if you are going to maintain your traditional lifestyle.

If you are a co-parent, then you probably understand that such an opportunity will exist in few states: in some states, this is not possible. But in others, it is a common practice. For this very reason, it is worth mentioning that blended families enable you to perform your traditional duties without any external assistance.

But how will you do it? What will you do if you have kids? What will you do if you become a guardian? These are the issues that we are going to discuss in this article.

Let’s Start with a Few Questions

Before you start preparing your document kit for a legal breakup, make sure to answer a few questions. This will help you understand how to proceed and what to do with the papers after the divorce.

Why do you need a divorce in California?

To answer this, you need to understand what the real reason is for changing the way you and your ex should live. For this, you need to draw up a personal plan for the future and write down your goals. These goals will determine how you will live post-divorce, when and where you will live, as well as what you will do with your life.

How do you file for divorce in California?

You can do this by the following methods:

In person

By mail

With the help of a process server

With the help of a special service

With the help of a lawyer.

Does not everyone have a chance to file for divorce in California?

Everyone who applies for the dissolution of marriage must go through the process, so there is no chance for everyone who wants to get the job done quickly and with little expense. The best possible option is to prepare the document kit for you and your partner and bring it to the court. The judge will look through the documents and grant the decree, which indicates the end of your civil union.

How to file for divorce in California without a lawyer?

You must be a resident of the state for one month minimum before you start the dissolution process. In California, this is defined as living in the county for at least half a year before the documents are filed.

How do you file for divorce in California without a lawyer?

You must bring the document kit to the local county clerks office to register it and pay the filing fee. After that, you must deliver the papers to the responding party by any allowed means to a judge.

What is the cost of divorce in California?

In California, the cost of divorce is based on the simplified method, which is affordable for both parties and does not require the respondent to hire a lawyer. The standard contested method costs $11,800 on average, and the extra $8,600 can be avoided if you choose to file for divorce in California without a lawyer.


The process of divorce can be very complicated, and it is especially difficult for couples who do not have children. But if you choose to undergo it without any assistance, you can make the procedure easier and save your time and money.

How to Deal With a Divorce in California

Today, many couples across the United States choose online divorce services to deal with their inevitable breakup. While some prefer a lawyers consultation, others prefer a California DIY divorce, where they fill out the required documents without any assistance.

However, far not all the paperwork must be completed with the help of a lawyer. When going through the process, remember that you can get divorce papers online, but you must make sure that you choose the correct service provider. The next step is to file the documents with the court, which can be done by one of the following methods:

With the help of a county sheriff

With the help of a professional divorce server

With the help of a mediator

With the help of a trusted online divorce provider.

And even if you decide to complete the divorce without any assistance, you should still make sure that you have the right papers. If you have minors, you should still submit an agreement regarding their custody, support, and visitation. Moreover, before you start preparing the documents, make sure that you have addressed all the matters related to your children properly.

The most important thing is to act wisely and do everything correctly. The dissolution of marriage is a step that is compulsory for both parties and it is quite easy to get confused with all the forms and documents. If you are worried about how to do everything correctly, our help is available for free.

How to Prepare for Divorce

Divorce is a real challenge to your financial stability, physical and mental health, emotional state and physical and mental health.

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