Everyone who has recently married or got the OK from the court to file for a divorce might feel like they are going through an easy and fast divorce online. However, the reality is that such drastic actions can have serious consequences. Hence, everyone should understand that divorce can be neither easy nor quick, but it can still be a good life experience for you and your ex-spouse. As you know, from your own experience, it is much more difficult to deal with legal divorce in NJ than during or after the divorce. If you are going to use the online divorce service, make sure you take the matter seriously and go through the whole process with seriousness.

New Jersey divorce laws

Divorce laws in NJ

Divorce law in New Jersey requires spouses (or at least one of them) to be New Jersey residents for a minimum of one year (Divorce laws in New Jersey residency) before filing for divorce. This residency requirement is satisfied by living in New Jersey for at least half a year before any document is filed. It is possible to file for divorce in New Jersey for a continuous period of one year. The spouse who is applying for the divorce must also live in New Jersey for a minimum of three months before any decision on the permanent address is made. Finally, a person applying for the divorce must give consent that the court will deal with their case in a manner consistent with their previous petition. In other words, the spouse who wants to apply for the dissolution of marriage has to give consent that their relationship will end in a way consistent with the law. Agreeing with your spouse on the permanent address and divorce law is sufficient for the court to approve your petition. The only requirement is to follow the order in the petition and do not dispute it.

Grounds for divorce in NJ

As said before, uncontested divorce is the best option for those couples who are going to have a dispute with their spouse and do not mind working with the help of a lawyer. This type of divorce is much cheaper than hiring a lawyer and taking it to court. The only requirement is to have an agreement with your spouse on the way to divide the property, make arrangements for childcare and other matters, and file them in front of the court. In other words, the spouse who wants to get a divorce must give consent that they will live separately for the next 6 months, except for the time they got married. Also, the spouse is not allowed to contact their partner during this time. Thus, it is better to leave this issue in the hands of the judge since you cannot control the spouses reactions and actions.

Divorce without a lawyer in NJ – what does the process of uncontested divorce in NJ entail?

There are two different ways of getting divorced in NJ. The first option is to resolve all disputes by filling out all the required papers on your own and submitting them to the court. This method of ending a marriage is popular among those couples who do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to sort everything out before they start their divorce. Another factor that can make this type of divorce less popular is the residency requirement. If spouses want to get divorced, they should be able to provide proof that their relationships are completely broken and they should not be living together. In other words, all the bad feelings associated with the marriage should have been with the spouse since the very beginning.

How to divorce in NJ?

Do-it-yourself divorce in New Jersey is a long and complicated process, but it is also a very reasonable and quick way to dissolve a marriage. You will learn more about do-it-yourself divorce in NJ and the most important tips on how to do it correctly. Do-it-yourself divorce in NJ is the best option if spouses want to save time and money while preparing their divorce papers.

Do-it-yourself divorce in NJ: The most common mistakes made by New Jersey do-it-theirself divorceers

In New Jersey, divorce is often a messy and uncomfortable process. There are many possible ways to get divorced, and each method has its particular drawbacks and benefits. It is especially difficult to prepare all the required divorce papers in NJ without any assistance from online divorce services.

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