After you have divorced, you should ask yourself a series of questions to get prepared for the fact that you are leaving. Keep this question and its companion, the so-called preparation question, for yourself and ask it in front of your spouse as soon as you decide to leave. Your second question is about the partner you want to live with. This is a personal one, relating to your preferences and needs, and it should be based on both sides. If you are interested in keeping an eye on your exs life, then mention this in your application. Remember that your children should be your primary concern.

Divorce applications simplify this difficult time

Good online divorce services can help you deal with the divorce process with minimum stress and worry. When you have to prepare documents online, you are free to do this in a calm environment. After you have divorced, you should not forget about social media, mobile phones, online media, email, and even social media before a court. Therefore, discuss all the important issues related to your divorce with your spouse and the divorce as soon as you decide to do it.

Remember that your children should not suffer because of your divorce. Therefore, discuss all the relevant issues regarding custody, parenting and childcare with your spouse and your children. Your children are stronger than they may seem, so they deserve to be treated with love and care.

Get Prepared Before You Decide to Complete Divorce Online

Decide on the next steps you need to take before you start working on your divorce? We are ready to help you decide quickly and make the most of the available opportunities. Lets get a deeper insight into the stages of a divorce by examining the requirements, the available options, the cost and details of various legal procedures.

Requirement One – seeking legal support

If you have a relevant reason to get legal support, either you or your partner must submit a divorce application. It is necessary to submit a Complaint for Divorce, which informs the court that your family has been dealing with the issue of online divorce for some time and that you and your partner are in agreement about all issues related to the dissolution of marriage.

Depending on the state in which you reside, your divorce application will be based on different requirements. State law will determine the proper submission of documents. For some, it may be necessary to submit a Joint Complaint for Divorce, but if you want to simplify the whole process, suggest you choose to prepare the documents separately. The one essential document is the Finances Disclosure Statement, which must include financial statements that can be provided within 30 days if no agreement has been reached on distribution of your responsibilities and rights after the divorce.

Requirement Two – seeking to create a family

After complying with the Finances Disclosure Statement and Finances Declaration, you need to act to create a family. The first legally binding requirement is to provide written proof that you are not going to pay alimony anymore after you are divorced. Keep in mind that the exclusion of such requirements in Illinois marriage dissolution laws does not imply that you must stop paying alimony to your ex-spouse. It means only that you must make arrangements with your partner to ensure equal distribution of your responsibilities and rights after the divorce.

Requirement Three – meeting the residency requirements

You must also meet the residency requirements of Illinois marriage laws. Simply put, you must have lived within the state for three consecutive months before initiating the process. If you move to another state, you must return to live in Illinois for a minimum of one year. Moreover, you may apply for divorce in the state even if you have not lived here for at least one year. In fact, you must wait at least one year to start the process again. As you know, waiting one year is obligatory for the judges to consider your state illegal and thus give you the opportunity to remarry there. If you return to live in Illinois, you risk becoming a single parent again.

Requirements for filing for divorce in Illinois

Having made up your mind to divorce, you need to ensure the formal requirements of IL marriage laws are fulfilled. At this point, you can start collecting your documents. You start with completing the necessary papers, which can be delivered in multiple forms. After that, you should submit them to the administrative body. You will be asked to pay a special service charge for processing your case. That charge may vary from one county to another. When your papers are completed, you are ready to file them with your local county clerk. Although the filing fee in Illinois is much lower than in other states, it still remains higher than in other countries.

Once the charges are filed, you must wait for one month until your hearing is carried out. During that time, your partner should give a response. After that, you should wait for a reply from your partner that should be provided within a month. If no response is provided, you will have to go for a hearing.

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