Uncontested divorce is the best option when partners want to avoid a trial. It means that both parties have no claims and no debates over any issue in the divorce process.

Many people associate it with red tape and procedures. But the option of an uncontested divorce is much more convenient, faster and less expensive than traditional divorce.

You do not have to hire attorneys or go through multiple trials in front of the judge.

You can file for an uncontested divorce with the help of your local lawyer and not worry about any exclusions or terms that might be applicable in your specific case.

If you choose to get a divorce in North Carolina without a lawyer, you can expect to spend:

$150 – Check whether you are eligible to file for an uncontested divorce

$250 – Fill out a questionnaire on our website to create your papers online

$350 – Download the completed papers and file with the court

$375 – Wait for the response from the judge who will give you the approval or decline your petition.

After you receive your divorce papers in NC and submit them to the court, you need to wait for 60 days. During this time you will have to attend a hearing of your petition if your spouse was not at the time of the decision. After the hearing you will receive the certificate of marriage dissolution and your divorce will be granted.

Note that you need to stay in North Carolina for the whole duration of the process not to risk losing your health or finances. After the process is finalized by the judge it usually takes around 3-4 months.

How to get a divorce in NC

If you are divorcing in North Carolina, you need to make sure you understand the basic aspects of this legal procedure. Do-it-yourself divorce is the optimal solution for changing your life, since you will be taking care of your personal issues on your own. However, if you are divorcing in North Carolina and need to know more about the process, we are ready to help!

How to divorce in NC?

Getting divorced in North Carolina is not difficult. The only thing you will need to do correctly is to choose the proper process, choose the right venue and make sure you completely understand how to do everything correctly. The best part is that you do not have to be a lawyer to start the divorce process. You can just come to an agreement with your spouse and you will be filing for divorce in North Carolina without a lawyer. Also, if you decide to end your marriage in NC, the agreement will still remain valid even if you are not a lawyer. The only important thing is to start the procedure correctly and complete all the documents without any extra fees. The agreement will tell the court how you and your spouse divide everything, what division you want and whether you can pay the North Carolina divorce filing fee. The document you must give to the court will inform the judge that you completely understand the financial implications of your situation and wish to avoid further complications with your case. After youve provided the document sample to the judge, it will be necessary to fill in the prepared petition with the information about your children and the financial conditions you have chosen. Once the document is filled out and sent to the court, its time to deliver the papers to your spouse.

How to get a divorce in NC?

To end your marriage officially you must choose the uncontested method of divorce. NC divorce regulations require that the spouses bring an agreement regarding all aspects of the divorce, such as:

Division of debts and assets

Medical and child support

Spousal assistance

Expenses covered in divorce

Spousal support

If the spouses are unable to reach an agreement, they may ask the court for additional papers which will be provided as a part of the divorce package. When all the paperwork is brought to the court, the judge will review all the documents and either sign the decree or refer the case to the trial.

How do you divorce in NC?

You can end your marriage in North Carolina by the simplest means available to do so. It is not hard to find the most basic and direct solution for those who do not want to dive into the complexities of the legal system. Handing papers to the defendant and requesting the judge to make your marriage illegal is simple and does not require much time. It also does not take much time to receive the copy of papers from your spouse. Once delivered, the plaintiff has to wait for 3 months for the judge to make a decision on your case. If the plaintiff does not wish to wait, you can initiate the dissolution process directly from your own personal account as long as you fulfill the requirements and have all the papers in good order.

How do you get divorce papers in NC?

You can deliver the papers to your spouse by the simplest means available to do so. You may need to get a lawyer or do it yourself divorce in NC paperwork.

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