Changing your name during the divorce process is a dumb move that will not only alienate you from your ex but also will disrupt your financial and physical wellbeing for sure. Think twice before you make the decision to apply for a divorce in this way. Besides, there are some important things that you should keep in mind before you decide to apply for a divorce online.

Family Law

When you are married, you are required to follow strict rules of the family law. Naturally, when you have to divorce, you want to get divorced quickly and without public hearing. You may face a situation when you have to separate from your spouse and share a common name. But the situation does not end here. You may also face a situation when you want to publicly announce your marital status, yet you keep your private life under wraps. In this case, you are very likely to be denied by your spouse and will have to go through a contested divorce.

In any case, by changing your name during the divorce process, you can avoid a conflict and get on track quicker. But you should still ensure that your new legally significant name does not conflict with anything from your ex-spouse.

For you to get divorced, it is important to understand how your previous legal name might conflict with yours. So, you need to resolve all possible conflicts with your ex-name in advance. This means that you should not have any kind of pun or joke in your mutual name. And one of the best ways to do so is to make it a rule of your family law. If you are already in the process of divorce, you should make sure that your ex to be forgives you and supports you, not blames you. 

The Final Thoughts

Now you understand why it is important to choose the best online divorce service for your personal issue. Choose a company with a strong leadership team and a dedicated manager to manage your expectations from the very beginning.


It is difficult to say that there is no turning back. Modern technologies bring not only positive changes in our lives but also can play a role in our everyday life. We are not against new technologies, but we are also very aware of their potential impact. It is especially important to understand how to protect yourself online from negative impact. After all, even if you are not going to use new technologies, you should at least understand what can hurt you in a divorce and prevent you from beneficial outcomes.

How to Prepare for a Divorce and What to Do after Divorce

Having completed the process of divorce is not only a sobering experience but also a spiritually fulfilling one. Having survived a difficult period in your life, you need to find the strength and courage to look back and understand what happened and understand why you should do it again. Having survived a divorce, you might be eager to get rid of all the unnecessary layers of bureaucracy and find your own way to happiness.

You might also be anxious about what the future holds for you. Having left your marriage in the past, you are eager to move forward but lack ideas about what the next step should be. Nobody wants to postpone the chance to happiness, however everybody can benefit from the divorce and its consequences. Having completed the divorce process, you should give it some serious thought. Now is the time to think about your post-divorce plans.

Do You Have a Dream?

Everyone who is married has a certain dream. It is not only about the dream itself but about the certain future which it represents. Having a certain dream may give you the courage to move on and build up your life from scratch. 

To reach this dream, you need to understand why you need to do this and how. Once you understand what you want, then you will be able to justify any action.

In your dream, you should see yourself as you were before married life. You should not mix the responsibilities and rights of a wife and rights of a husband. Having a certain ideal picture of yourself, you will no longer need to mix them and thus you will not need to do anything. Your dream should be a perfect picture of yourself.

Therefore, do not mix the responsibilities and rights of husband and wife. If you have too much space for disagreements, then you should not have children. If you have too much time for each other, then do not have children. Your ideal picture of yourself should include a moderate amount of possessions, a hobby, someone to control your activities and thus your life.

You Should Not Mix the Resorts

You would never guess from the fact that the divorce is a very personal issue. One of the most personal things a judge may do is to mix up the divorce forms of various cases. It can be said that the complexity of the case will depend on the personality of the judge, the characteristics of the spouses, their habits and motivations. However, the most personal aspect will disappear with time.

The same thing goes with the residence.

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