If you have children under 18 years old, this option is not suitable for you.

You and your partner have been living separately for at least half a year or more.

You and your partner dont have common children, property, debt, and assets.

Either you or your partner have been residing in Utah for at least three months before starting the process.

If all the requirements are met, you can apply for a divorce in Utah with your spouse online, without having to visit a local lawyer. After all the paperwork is completed, you can submit the documents to the court without any further incident.

Here is a brief overview of the steps for filing for divorce in Utah with kids and how to divorce with kids when you are the guardian:

Addressing the Request for Submission of Financial and Child Support

Before you start the process, you need to learn more about how the court handles cases of spousal support. The judge will examine your case and make its decision based on the findings of law. Thus, you should state in your divorce application that you are the guardian of your children and that you are unable to pay alimony.

If you are unable to pay the court fees, you may submit a fee waiver. You must provide the court with a certificate of completion of your financial situation.

When the documents are completed and you certify that you meet the requirements, you are ready to move on to the next phase of the divorce process.

Serving the Waiver Request

After submitting the documents, you need to serve them to your spouse. It can be done by any person who is not prohibited from doing so. It is done by submitting a Summons in the county where either of you resides. Your spouse should then respond with the appropriate document kit. After that, the divorce papers for Utah are usually served to your partner. If you are not able to reach your spouse via the traditional way, you can serve the documents by publication in your local newspaper and in the sheriffs office if you have to serve the papers to someone else.

If you are unable to serve your spouse with the papers, you may submit a Request for Hearing. After the judge considers all the evidence gathered during the previous step of the divorce process, you will get the date and time when he or she will meet with your spouse to look through the documents and make conclusions on them.

If the spouses are unable to meet face to face, you can initiate the process of divorce by publication in your local newspaper. The date and time of this meeting are mentioned in the form you should send to the court. The judge will review all the evidence and the verdict will be made.

If you are requesting the divorce, you should bring all the relevant papers with you to the court. In Utah, divorce forms can be filed in the county where either of you lives.

Other Utah Divorce Forms to Prepare for the Court

We do not recommend you rush to the court to get the commencement of your divorce. The judge will want to hear from both sides of the issue and provide you with all the necessary documents so that you can defend yourself appropriately. We advise you to bring all the relevant papers with you to the court so that you can defend yourself appropriately. Moreover, if you are requesting an uncontested divorce, you should make copies of all the documents so that you can consult with a professional when the judge invites you to make a decision.

If you wish to file for divorce, Utah divorce forms are not obligatory but you are welcome to do so if you are unable to contact your partner by any means. You must submit all the documents by yourself or with the help of a lawyer.

We do not encourage you to hire a lawyer to defend your interests in the course of divorce, however, if you cannot reach an agreement with your spouse regarding any issue, you must submit all the relevant papers to the court anyway. The judge will hear your case and make its decision based on the entire package of documents. Furthermore, you need to make copies of all the documents to be filed with the court, since there are 102 forms you need to fill out. It is very important to make sure you do everything correctly and do not forget to sign and file with the court. Our service can help you with all the paperwork you need to prepare your divorce packet.

If you have reached the point when the divorce process is irreversible and you are looking for Utah divorce online, our mission is really simple. We will happily assist you with all the documents you need to finalize the termination of your marriage. We have an expert team that will always make sure that the online dissolution of marriage is available for you and your partner. Therefore, you will be able to finalize the matter with the least amount of stress and with the minimum amount of time. Our top-rated online divorce company has already helped many couples to complete their paperwork and move on with their lives.

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