Divorce is a serious decision that will change your life and profoundly change for better and for you. Due to this, it is important to understand how it plays out in practice. You need to know what to do with petitions, domestic disputes, custody and support for underage kids and so on., You also need to consider the negative impact of divorce and the possibility of remarriage.

Even if you consider yourself politically correct and do your best to reach all possible solutions with your spouse, you still need to take a reasonable and just decision. Finding a compromise with your ex-partner is not the best option, especially if your goal is to end the marriage.

In this case, going for a divorce is not a choice but a necessity. It is a difficult task, but you need to stay realistic. After all, even if you find your spouse not to be desirable or even not to take part in the divorce procedure, you should put in all possible efforts to save your family.


There is no research to suggest that going for a divorce is a good way to terminate your marriage. However, there is plenty of qualitative information that can help you make the right decision. The best option is to consult a well-qualified divorce coach to get a deeper insight into the divorce process and all its phases. In addition, there is a good online divorce service to help you out with all legal aspects. With all the tools at your disposal, you will be able to make the most of your time during the divorce process and get through it with dignity.

How to Get a Divorce in Florida (FL)

Have you thought about ending your marriage? It is simple for you to imagine this process in advance. But this is not the most pleasant solution. FL divorce is a no-fault procedure that can be finalized without a lawyers assistance. On the contrary, it is a very convenient procedure that can be carried out without a lot of difficulty.

The issue is that there are still some fault-based reasons for ending your civil union. If you have reached the decision to split up with your spouse based on the fault-based reason, you should not keep on with the process. That is, you must immediately get rid of the myth that splitting up with your spouse is easy. You need to know that splitting up is always a painful process that requires thinking about your future. It also affects your financial state, since you do not have the possibility of getting full custody of your kids if you have no disagreements about your custody. There are also other negative effects that you can easily avoid if you opt for an uncontested divorce.

Here are the main points of divorce law in Florida that you should know about:

• There is no waiting period. Once the process is finalized in advance, you do not need to wait for months to get the final divorce decree. It is possible to file for divorce in Florida without a lawyer. You just need to make sure the documents are delivered to the correct courthouse.

• There is no need for you to appear in court. The only important thing is to follow the rules and laws that are in force in your particular location. If you are asked to attend a hearing, you should simply decline to do so.

• There is a certain Florida divorce law that is similar to other states. That is, the petitioner must prove that his/her spouse is not able to take care of themselves financially after the divorce. If the spouse is found to be unable to pay the court fees, the case is likely to be dismissed.

• There is a waiting period for divorce in Florida. But this does not necessarily mean that the petitioner has to wait for a long period before the final judgment is pronounced.

• There is a certain Florida divorce law that requires the spouses to divide all assets between them before filing for divorce. Then the judge will deal with the case by considering all relevant factors and issuing the final verdict.

This is not the full list of FL divorce laws that you should know about if you decide to divorce in Florida. If you have found this list useful and correct, you will surely feel that Florida is a relatively easy procedure compared to other states. On the contrary, there are many factors that can turn an uncontested divorce in Florida into a complicated and time-consuming process.

Do-it-yourself divorce in Florida: The most common mistakes made by FL couples

Most people make mistakes when they begin their divorce process. There are several reasons for that. First, mistakes in memory are very likely to impair the judgment. Even if you have the most accurate and sincere request for your divorce, you are most likely going to be disappointed by the fact that your spouse will deny your request. Second, forget about the idea of picking out the most experienced lawyer from the Internet pool. You are most likely going to agree that such a lawyer is not experienced enough and does not know enough about your particular situation.

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