It may seem to many adults that separated couples have no desire to interact with each other. But this is not true. There is still a strong desire to talk, even if your spouse does not wish to talk. Every once in a while, a couple wants to humiliate their ex by showing that they are divorced and have no desire to interact with each other. Such behavior should not be ignored, even if it is unintentional. It can lead to even more problems and, as a result, to the breakup.

Remember that the desire to humiliate your ex is not mutual. Often such behavior can be justified by many different reasons. But the main one is the fear of repeating the offense to your ex. Therefore, you have to expose the fear of humiliation for the sake of your children. Even if you are not going to have an affair with your spouse, still, you should not humiliate your ex-partner. It may lead to a situation where your children will not trust you and ask you to perform the parental duties. Therefore, let yourself be humiliated, and your children will not support you. Think about the reasons you separated out in the first place. Did you choose to save your marriage? Was it not worth it? What were the consequences of your decision? Was your partner unfaithful to you? What did you get from this? What did you lose? What could be the redeeming quality? It is always hard to find that one spark of goodness that can save a marriage.

Do Not Rush with a New Relationship

Many people experience a flash of insight and then spiral into depression and denial. It often happens that people make a big mistake, and then spiral into a routine of separation, repeated separation, and one finally ends up in divorce. You can stop now, you can even start with a better life, but not today and not tomorrow. Therefore, do not rush with a life that has changed since the divorce. Do not give your life another chance. Let it pass for the time you will be happy in it.

Analyze Your Experience

You need to understand what kind of life you had before the divorce. That will allow you to move on and plan for better. If you understand that you lived in such a miserable life, then you will be able to analyze that and plan accordingly. You have to understand what kind of person was I, and what kind of life will I lead after I get out of this misery.

That will allow you to make the most informed decisions, and you will even understand what kind of life you have to lead after your divorce.

That will allow you to understand what kind of person is I, and what kind of life will be under my leadership.

That will allow you to understand what kind of a person is I, and what kind of leader I will be.

That will allow you to understand if there is a chance to improve my life, and if so, what kind of a person I am.

That will allow you to change your behavior if you change your decision.

That will allow you to change your spouse if you two disagree on important issues. 

That is hard to do, but if you do it consistently, you will see a result in no time and with no complications.

How to Save Marriage from Divorce?

Even if you are preparing for the divorce and you still do not want it, you should know that in most cases it is not worth risking your life to save your marriage. Below, there are some tips on how to save your marriage.

1. Manage your emotions

Even if you are preparing for the divorce, it does not mean that you should be overly emotional. Handle your emotions and do not panic. It is better to calm down and take a break than to burst with anger. Moreover, you should not give into your emotions even if you are happy again. It means that you are living a better life before the divorce and you are going to make it even better.

2. Adjust your lifestyle

Probably, after the divorce, the lifestyle of your ex-spouse is going to change a lot. There is no doubt that a divorce is going to bring a lot of hardship. However, it also means that you have to adjust your lifestyle to that. If you are going to leave your spouse, get ready to change a lot. Either you stay put and do not go anywhere, or you find a better paying job, maybe you will be able to afford to leave your ex-husband. However, make sure that you do not miss out on something! If you miss out on something, you will have to make up the missing days. Also, do not forget to talk about the upcoming holidays with your spouse. If you two are able to discuss the issues of your divorce, it will save you a lot of time.

3. Solve the mystery

The biggest problem that families have after the divorce is the mystery.

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