The common family law misconception is that the lawyer will tackle the case in a way that is both fair and reasonable. Actually, the desired result is a situation where both sides are satisfied with the settlement and want to get rid of the unnecessary conflict. Therefore, the recommended approach is to discuss all the issues by yourselves and reach the consensus with your spouse, which is called a joint petition. After that, both of you have to go through the motions and the trial will take place. Common law divorce in Kentucky is a long way from reality, but you can always find an acceptable compromise.

Excessive Claim for Divorce and Other Issues

When two people end up in a divorce, their monthly payments are significantly reduced. Usually, spouses must pay around $400 for a divorce, which is approximately $12 per month. This is substantially cheaper than facing the crisis of a contested divorce. Sometimes, spouses decide to end their relationships for a time, but then decide to have an extra contested divorce. Or vice versa.

Sometimes, spouses decide to have an uncontested divorce and later decide to have an excessive amount of money paid to lawyers. It is worth mentioning that such a divorce does not imply an easy divorce, but rather a complicated and long process of divorce for two people with two different preferences in divorce. Also, such a divorce does not imply a trial, yet the judge may order both spouses to appear at the trial if there are no objections from one of the partners.

Divorce Process

The divorce process is a real challenge for both spouses and most of them would rather choose a simpler and faster way of divorce. The first and most effective step of any divorce process is to prepare a complaint for the case. The second and most important requirement is to protect the rights of the party that initiates the divorce. If the plaintiff does not offer to cooperate with the defendant, then the choice of a simpler and faster uncontested divorce will be on. Other uncontested divorce cases are also very beneficial for the plaintiff since it does not require the assistance of lawyers and saves much money. Also, the minor children of the parties are often better protected than in the case of a contested divorce.

Divorce Procedure

After the plaintiff receives the complaint, he/she needs to prepare a series of documents that will verify the validity of the complaint. The first document that should be signed is the acknowledgment of service. It is the document that should be written by both of the parties to acknowledge the service. It should be delivered to the other party of the case, whereupon the evidence will be examined. Also, the next document that should be given is the recognizance of service. It is the document that should be written by the petitioner certifying that the other party is not against the idea of marriage dissolution. It is to be given to the court if the judge accepts the petition.

If the spouses do not have any minor children and the judge finds them suitable for marriage dissolution, the petitioner also needs to submit a document called the affidavit of guardian. It is a written statement by both spouses confirming that the commitment to each other has ended. It should be provided within one month after the petition is filed.

If the judge accepts the petition and the date of marriage dissolution is not mentioned in the divorce papers, the date of the next hearing will be set. The date will be fixed between the date of submission of the documents and the date of the judge’s response.

How to divorce in Wisconsin

Earning your divorce papers in Wisconsin can be challenging. It is necessary to understand that the selection of divorce forms in Wisconsin is unique among all other states in the nation. This means that you need to know exactly what you are doing, when and where you are filing for divorce in Wisconsin. The very first requirement is to have all the relevant documents on hand.

The second and most important requirement is to choose a simple divorce for Wisconsinites. It does not mean that the petitioner does not understand the legal aspects of the divorce process. Quite often divorce is a complicated and time-consuming process, requiring a lot of patience and good will.

The third and most important requirement is to make sure you have collected all the divorce papers for Wisconsin correctly. After you choose the correct form for your divorce, you need to provide the judge with all the papers. In most cases divorce is granted based on the following document:

Financial Statement


Agreement of Finances

Registry of Finance

Financial Statement Template

Do-it-yourself divorce in Wisconsin

Here you can see the basic divorce papers for Wisconsinites with the help of our service. Simply fill out the documents, provide the answers and download the forms. You are now ready to schedule your divorce for the nearest future.

Wisconsin divorce forms

The personal finance document for the filing spouse is the FAFSA.

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