When parents share custody, many do not notice that the things get different when they have co-parenting. For those who manage to stick to the plan, it is easier to handle the situation. Yet, for those who prefer to go their separate ways and share the entire household budget with each other, it may be difficult to do. That is why it is always worth thinking about the tools that you can use to make your co-parenting easier and your act more professional. Here are some of them.

1. Messengers

Co-parenting is always about making the child comfortable. Every child has a smartphone and, therefore, every communication is valuable for you. Every decision you make with your spouse can be used against you in court. Therefore, try to keep your emotions to yourself and your child safe. The last thing you want to do is to alienate your child. The child is not your enemy and you have to respect him or her as it was your choice to share his or her upbringing with another parent. Therefore, keep your mind open when your child is upset. 

2. Child support

When it comes to child support, many are surprised to learn that their ex-spouse does not provide the child with any financial support. But it turns out that this is exactly what your ex-partner wants you to do. He or she wants to appear that you are supporting the child even though you are not. And this is harmful for both parents because then you invite doubt in the possibility that the child will be taken care of by both of you.

3. Child support groups

These are special groups of people where you can meet and talk to other parents. They are not your relatives or friends that you would meet when you live together. They are your friends that you can call to when the child is in your life. Here you can learn from others’ experiences and think on your own ways to provide for the child. You should not hide anything from the children because they have doubts and worries about the fact that both parents support their best friend.

4. Child support specialists

You will also need a person that will help with your welfare when you are divorced. There are support specialists that will help with your financial things, at least while your case is going on. They will help you to think about child support before you file for divorce, and also explain to your ex what you can expect in return for the money. You should not worry about the fact that your ex will not want to talk to you because he does not want to give it to you.

5. Custody over children

You must have heard, that the divorce is a difficult process. It is especially difficult to cope with it to your child. Your aim in this case should be to protect the welfare of the child. You must not only be strong but also attentive and attentive. If you are not able to do this, then you will have to either stop or reduce the level of responsibilities. Here you will be able to add fuel to the fire and make the child think that you are involved in everything.

Information on safe communication with your ex

If you are divorced and have children, you should do your best to handle the situation with responsibility. You must also think of how to behave in a divorce-free environment. For you, it is worth thinking about how to behave in a way that is respectful, yet not offensive. The following guidelines will help you to deal with all these issues safely.

6. Kids’ welfare

You mustn’t send children to your ex for Christmas or any other reason. Tell your children that you are divorced and that they will live with you as parents. Discuss what is best for the children and how to make them feel welcome. Do not quarrel in the presence of children. Handle it calmly and peacefully. The better you negotiate, the better your children will feel comfortable with you.

7. Child support

You must support your ex-spouse’s minor children with your financial transactions. If you cannot afford to pay for child support, then talk about it in advance. You must also consider your own welfare, children’s feelings, and financial needs.

You must put your ex-spouse’s name on the children’s father’s account so that the latter will feel like they are loved by both parents.

You must keep in touch with your ex so that he or she will know about your divorce and how you are doing. If you text from time to time, this will not be considered as communication.

8. Child support

You are welcome to send money to your child’s name. If you cannot send money by mail, you can send it through the Internet or hand it from your cellphone.

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