Perhaps one of the most difficult things in any divorce process is settling the question of how long the divorce process will take. Everyone knows that a contested divorce is never easy, especially if it is an expensive one. However, new situations are always changing. There is never a dull moment when it comes to divorce. The longer the process is planned, the more expensive it becomes. Overall, the cost of divorce becomes more and more apparent. Usually, the average cost of divorce becomes approximately $13,500. This figure includes attorneys fees which are around $3,000. It also includes the cost of official court services around $8,900. Add to this $13,500 the amount of money that the plaintiff needs to pay in court for filing the documents and the total divorce cost can reach over $27,000.

It is important to understand that these figures are approximate and are based on several aspects. If you want to find out exactly how much it costs to file for divorce in Washington State, you need to contact the court where you will submit the documents. We will provide you with this information as soon as possible.

For the State of Washington, divorce costs can be as high as $27,000. In some cases, the cost of divorce can reach as much as $30,000. The majority of these costs come from filing for divorce in WA with a lawyers services.

The average cost of divorce in Washington is estimated at $9,900. In most cases, the divorce process is based on many extra payments that usually add up to approximately $30. Some extra payments may be optional and they do not imply that the lawyer will charge you more than is usually available. For example, some counties in Washington State have a 0.5% filing fee and you need to pay 0.75% to 0.99% to avoid paying extra. Other costs can vary and they are usually hidden by the lawyers. It is also worth mentioning that filing for divorce in Washington State without a lawyer costs nothing since the spouses are not required to pay for the lawyers services.

Washington divorce forms

If you are finally ready to get started and apply for the dissolution of marriage, you should prepare all the necessary forms. You need to submit the following documents to the court:

Financial papers providing data about your shared belongings or any debts you might have.

Approval of the documents where the spouses confirm they are over the age of 18 years.

Summons where the judge reads aloud all the points that were settled and either explains or discusses the next steps.

Power of Attorney where the spouses provide all the necessary information to confirm their agreement.

Waiver of Service where the Defendant submits the Plaintiff a Waiver of Service that contains all the necessary forms.

Creditor Notice where the Defendant notifies the other spouse that the case was brought to the attention of the court.

And finally, the Separation and Property Settlement Agreement should be read in front of all the interested parties.

By adding all these forms to your document kit you will demonstrate that you are ready to cooperate in order to achieve the dissolution of marriage.

Washington divorce paperwork

However, if you are dealing with divorce in Washington State and want to make sure you are complying with the laws there is a slightly different set of forms. For example, if you have kids, this will be easier as you will only have to worry about child support. However, if you do not have children, you will still have to provide Child Welfare Guidelines which are discussed below.

Washington State divorce forms

When you are ready to file for divorce in WA, you must print out a Complaint for Divorce and put your signature in the margin. You will also need to serve the document kit to your spouse. If you are filing for the uncontested procedure, you must not worry about doing anything stupid. In this case, the documents will be filed by you and your partner. In the end, you will simply need to tell the judge that all the paperwork was filed and you will get the decree that you have successfully petitioned for.

Washington divorce papers

If you are filing for divorce in Washington State without a lawyer, there are two sets of divorce papers in Washington that you need to prepare. The first is for those who do not have children and the second is for those who do. The first type of document that you should get is the Summons. It is the most important document that you should prepare for the court. It describes the parties and their relationship with children. It is also when you must tell your spouse about the proceedings you are about to take. In the divorce papers for Washington State, you will see a number of different forms that you should fill out. As we already said, some couples prefer a joint petition for divorce because of the many advantages it gives them.

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