People who decide to get divorced often worry about many aspects. Like many couples, they are afraid of parting with their beloved, they are worried about making a mess of their financial future, they are worried about their creditors, they are worried about changing their names and are probably worried about getting a divorce. But the most important thing is to make sure you have no debts and assets before you start gathering documents for filing. If you have none, then it will be difficult for you to get a divorce.

If you are a resident of Oklahoma, you are eligible to file for divorce if the following requirements are met:

At least one spouse must have lived in the state for the last 180 days before submitting the petition

At least one spouse must have lived in the county where the petitioner lives for the last 180 days before the filing

The petitioner must reside in the state for the last 180 days before the court orders the dissolution of marriage.

Oklahoma divorce forms are available on our website and our specialists are ready to help you complete them correctly. If you have any difficulties, please contact our support team.

Online Divorce Oklahoma

The path from OK divorce papers to divorce in Oklahoma depends on a number of factors. If either party is experiencing financial hardship, it is possible to have a simplified procedure. This type of dissolution is available when both parties agree that the dissolution is not possible. If this is the case, the couple has to go through the whole process of litigation in the court. This type of divorce is also known as contested or contested. The major benefit of an Oklahoma online divorce is that it does not require the assistance of attorneys. Therefore, Oklahoma online divorce is the most suitable option for couples who do not want to put too much effort into this process. Also, Oklahoma online divorce is an economically viable option for those who do not want to face too many expenses and are able to finalize the case quickly and without public hearing.

Divorce papers Oklahoma: The basic set of documents required to start the process

The petitioner (the individual who initiates the divorce) fills out the following set of documents: Petition for Divorce, Settlement Agreement, Waiver of Service of Summons and Waiver of Notice, Affidavit of Service by Mail or Affidavit of Witness and Decree of Divorce.

The respondent (the spouse of the petitioner) is also required to provide an answer to all the accusations made against him/her. If the respondent does not provide an answer, the petitioner can submit a written response to the petitioners request. This may be delivered in the court or by the sheriff of the county where either party lives.

The spouses follow the next steps until the divorce is granted. Once the document package is prepared, they need to serve it to their partners with the completed document kit. If you are going to submit documents yourself, you need to file the documents with the court. Then you need to pay the fees and submit the papers to the judge.

Oklahoma divorce forms: The whitepaper before finalization

Oklahoma divorce papers are usually available on our website and in different forms. If you are unable to locate your missing forms, you can use our platform to report an error. After the document whitepaper is ready, you can submit your documents for submission. At this time the final decree for divorce will be issued. Note that the petitioner must have lived in Oklahoma for the last 180 days before submitting the papers to the court.

Oklahoma divorce documents: The petition of divorce

Oklahoma divorce papers are usually filed in the county where either party lives. The petition is preceded by a separation agreement and is meant to inform the other party about the expected divorce. When the respondent does not provide the document kit to the court, it is possible to submit the claim for the divorce by publication in a local newspaper, on the Internet, or in a local newspaper if this is not possible. We advise you to add this section after all papers are submitted so that the judge can see what your position is. The document kit for OK divorce is available on our website.

Oklahoma divorce forms: The history

Oklahoma divorce forms are typically based on the following data:

The name of the petitioner

A short statement of the reasons for dividing the property

Data about the marriage (date of marriage, place of marriage, duration, equity of partnership, division of property, etc.)

Data about the life of the petitioner


Directive for the dissolution of marriage

Formal notice (which informs the court that the marriage is over and the matter should be settled)

Information about the respondent

Formal hearing (where the judge asks the witnesses questions about their experiences with the marriage and the life of the petitioner).

If the spouses experience some difficulties with the submission of the documents, they are ready to give testimony in front of the court.

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