Today, an increasing number of marrieds tend to divorce. It has long been known that a large number of divorces are caused by excessive alcohol or drug use. Now, it turns out that marital rape can also be proved with a urine-based substance. This is the type of evidence that can be considered by most local authorities as proof of the fact that the spouses have violated the law.

Many local authorities provide a simplified divorce procedure with the help of a marital psychologist. This option is suitable for those who are going through a divorce and want to avoid any stressful situations that may occur during the process. Since the divorce process is far from being easy, many decide on using the help of a lawyer.

The Problem of Non-Commitment In Divorce

It is difficult to find a person who does not admit that the current generation is better educated and more comfortable with gadgets than it has ever been. Nowadays, it is estimated that the marrieds have a 99% chance to divorce. There is evidence indicating that the rate of the non-commitment in the marriages is higher than it has ever been.

It is assumed that people can simply get over the fact that their family life ended and they can move on easily. But technology has made it so, that one cannot help but notice that some of the young generation does not have the slightest idea about the real importance of marriage and thus is very likely to end up on the rocks sooner or later.

It would seem, what can account for such a drastic change in the life of a generation? Technological progress has never been stronger and it seems like every day a new product from Apple brings more benefits to our generation. Or consider the fact that now everyone can see the reflection of his or her self in the latest product. A great thing for such people is the fact that they can finally get rid of the burden of ownership. Now everyone can see the good things that technology brings in the form of freedom and the many advantages.

But let’s get back to divorce. The vast majority of those who divorce are unhappy with their decisions. Very often, those who have the slightest bit of dissatisfaction realize that they have to work on everything to be able to live a happy life. But the problem is, they believe that if only they could get all of the things they want, they would be able to relax and live a comfortable life. But unfortunately, this is not true.

Technologies are substituting one kind of bad information that is widely spread among young people. Moreover, young people are not aware of the real situation until it is too late. Therefore, they have a high chance to experience what it is all about.

Social Media Addiction Can Cause Marital Crises

It is reported that social media addiction is one of the main reasons for the relationship breakdown. It is reported that 30% of all marriages fall apart due to the excessive use of social media by spouses. And this causes not only a lot of problems but also a sense of resentment against one another.

For all those who claim to be lovers first and have no problem with social media, it is important to understand that it is not always so simple. You have to understand that the sense of dependence that the spouse gets on social media is very high and it can cause a lot of emotional tension and dissatisfaction.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand that the only way to solve this problem is to control yourself and only on your terms. If you agree with your spouse and you are willing to improve your relationship, then start monitoring your online behavior. At that time, you will be able to decide if the situation is ripe for a divorce or not.

If You Face a Situation That Would Put You in a Hurry for a Divorce

You surely have heard the saying that a divorce is not the end of life, but the beginning of a new life. And that is absolutely true. After all, even if you are not granted a divorce, you should not postpone the possibility to live a better life. In this case, it is worth thinking about a career that would not end in divorce, but would still allow you to breathe freely.

Consider that some people have no idea that divorce is something that they have to undergo. Most likely, you are one of them. Hence, you have to prepare yourself for a new life. In order for your new life to be happy, you have to make life better. Here are some tips that will help you with that.

1.      Tell everything upfront

Most likely, you hear that someone is criticizing you from the very cradle. That is not true. However, what you have to understand is that you are not their only problem. Your entire family and friends may also be the problem for you. That is where you have to step in. You have to love your children even if they criticize you.

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