The divorce process is never easy, especially if the partners intend to continue their relationship. Nevertheless, they have to reach a consensus on all possible issues, such as:

Child custody and support

Spousal support

Division of property, assets and debts, etc.


Also, there is a Christmas provision, which makes it obligatory for the spouses to provide written answers to a series of questions to be prepared for the court hearing. This document contains information regarding debts, assets and debts, as well as statements regarding child support and insurance. It is significant to note that the divorce process is never easy and there are still many nuances to grasp and handle correctly. Understanding and dealing with legal formalities will significantly help the couple to avoid any stressful situations and get divorced.

Three Types of Florida Divorce Papers

FL divorce can be contested or uncontested, which implies that the parties have to go to court to resolve the issue of property division or child custody. When the case is contested, the spouses have to go to trial to sort out the various issues and controversies. In most cases, divorcees are not able to represent their interests in court successfully.

If the spouses do not want to go to trial, they can prepare their divorce papers online. This option is light and fast and is the cheapest option for divorce in Florida. When choosing this option, you can be confident that the judge will take into consideration all possible arguments and will give the best solution for the couple.

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Are you filing for divorce in Florida?

If you are absolutely sure that you need a divorce in this state, its best to find out more about it. Are you planning to file for divorce in FL? You should know that dissolution of marriage is possible no matter whether you are the plaintiff or defendant. The only important factor is to check this statement, which should be in your divorce papers for Florida. The next thing to do is to check whether you are eligible to file for divorce in FL online. This option is available only if your couple qualifies and you have resolved all possible problems with your spouse.

Do you agree that dissolution of marriage is impossible in the state?

It certainly is! But you should still know some facts about the process of legal separation. The first prerequisite is that you must have lived in Florida for at least half a year before initiating the proceedings. Then you should submit the petition and other documents to the local court. Here you should also include basic information about your children, either by themselves or their guardianship. In other words, remember that the decision to end your marriage should be made voluntarily, without a trial.

The next step is to pay the fees for filing for divorce in Florida. You can do this by contacting your county clerk at your local county office. The filing fee should be stated on all documents you submit. In some cases, the filing fees may be waived based on the decision of the court.

The next step after the payment is to deliver the documents to your spouse.

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