Getting a divorce is tough on everybody. It may cause some people even more pain than they used to when they were married. Nevertheless, the overall outcome of the divorce is usually a loss not only for the individual who had to deal with it, but also for the family. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that the empowerment of a young girl or boy is complete even during the difficult divorce process. It is also important to find a suitable replacement for the abused wife or husband.

Most likely, after a divorce, the wife or husband who abused their partners will have two or more reasons to do so. Usually, one reason is rooted in the mistrust of the other person, and the second is usually the desire to humiliate or punish the second for refusing. Thus, the empowered person wants to show that he or she is strong, and this trait will be a source of pride for the girl.

But the most direct and effective way to humiliate or punish your ex-spouse is to expose the factional relationship between you and your ex-husband/wife. Even if you are outraged by the factional division, this will only make you feel more miserable and unhappy. The truth is that humiliated people feel more vulnerable and vulnerable during and after a divorce. They are more likely to reflect the inner fears of their relatives and friends, and to make mistakes in the divorce process. Finally, the humiliation will drive you crazy, and you will reflect on your mistakes and hesitation on the part of your ex-husband or wife.

Explain to your spouse that you want to end the formal relationship and that you will do this as soon as possible

If your ex-husband or wife understands that you want to humiliate him or her, and not for a particular reason, then this is a good reason to start explaining to him or her that you want to divorce. The empowerment of a woman or man without legal authority is possible only when the partners respect each other and this respect must be felt throughout the whole process. Until partners respect each other, it is very difficult to achieve an optimal level of relations between former spouses. Until both ex-spouses behave respectfully and act with concern for the interests of the child, it is very difficult to have a healthy co-parenting.

Start with yourself

Many people tend to take to walking down the street with their iPhones rather than talking to their children in the most basic way. By doing so, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to understand the situation and act in the appropriate way. When you see that you are afraid to talk to your ex because you are ashamed of what you have done, then it is time to change something. Perhaps the most important thing is to start educating yourself about your situation so that you can protect yourself and your child from unnecessary emotions. It is very important to discuss anything that you think should be fixed in advance, because otherwise, you are very likely to have a relapse of your old habits.

Find a therapist

It is worth noting that the empowerment of women in our generation is directly proportional to the empowerment of men. Currently, men are more numerous than women, so there is a higher chance that a man will be diagnosed with domestic abuse. When you have a problem with domestic violence, then you have a higher chance that your child will be taken from you. Therefore, if you are going through a divorce and have a child with you, then you must do everything to protect the child. And the therapist should be a person who is always there for you, not just during the divorce process.

Find a therapist who doesn’t mind working with you both physically and mentally

Many men and women have a hard time with domestic violence, and it is especially difficult to cope with it, since it is obvious that you cannot help someone who doesn’t want to be treated. Domestic violence is much more severe than physical abuse. And even if it seems that you are ready to cooperate, the anger of your partner will remain. Therefore, if you are ready to take physical abuse, you should find a person who will help you cope with anger, not fight it.

Before you decide to divorce

If you are divorced, it is time to think about the future. In order for your life to be happy, you need to be divorced. Even if you are already divorced, it doesn’t mean that you are not loved. It means that you should act to save your family.

If you are ready to start the process, you should go to the local court. It will take some time to get used to it, so be patient. The court is a place where both sides provide information about their positions, offer to listen to both sides and try to resolve the conflict in a peaceful way. So, if you are ready to file for divorce, get prepared beforehand. It is important to be prepared, because even a slight change in your life may cost you a lot.

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