When going through the divorce process, both parties are always trying to squeeze more out of the deal. Getting an attorney is one of the last things to touch before you start filling out divorce forms and start preparing your parental plan. However, even if you are going to get an online divorce, you still have to pay attention to cost reduction when going through the divorce.

Today, many states introduce a new system for dealing with divorces. It differs from the old one in two crucial ways. First, the number of required forms is lower and two of the required documents are no longer available online. The required forms are:

The Petition for Divorce

The Summons

The affidavit of service.

Secondly, there is a new kind of required document, which is not related to a petition but rather it is a settlement agreement. There you will need to provide written proof that the parties are complying with their agreement and wish to get divorced. Written proof can be from both sides of the equation. Usually, it can be a document proving that a party has been residing in the state for a certain time and has no desire to move to another state.

If you are wondering how to file for divorce in Louisiana without a lawyer, you should remember that the state has a no fault divorce system. This means that no matter whether the plaintiff (the spouse who initiates the divorce) or defendant (the one who responds to the demand to get a divorce) files for divorce in Louisiana, the fault will not be removed from the case by the judge.

How to Get a Divorce in Louisiana

Those who have decided to divorce in the state of Louisiana say it is difficult to reconcile their love of life and financial difficulties. However, those who have lived here for less than a year can start the divorce process. The residence requirement must be fulfilled for anyone who wants to file for divorce in Louisiana. It is worth mentioning that the divorce law of Louisiana does not have any rule that makes it impossible for a person to file for divorce in Louisiana without a lawyer.

People who have lived in Louisiana for a year and a half but want to file for divorce need to file a Complaint for Divorce with the court clerk. The respondent will provide the new information that the petitioner asked for a divorce. If the petitioner has lived in Louisiana for a year and the listed reason for the divorce is irreproachable hardship, the petitioner can withdraw the claim. If the petitioner is sure that the respondent does not live in Louisiana, the petitioner can present proof that the couple split up long ago.

If the state is unable to settle the issues of the division of responsibilities and rights, the petitioner must file a Joint Complaint for Divorce with the court clerk. The respondent will respond with the appropriate document. If the respondent is unable to provide the document package due to some fault, the petitioner can submit a Separation and Count it as the fault of the respondent. If the count is successful, the other spouse is considered to be the petitioner and the papers will be filed by the respondent as well as the respondent.

If the court finds that there is no possibility for the spouses to reconcile, the judge will grant the following document:

A Notice of Default to Current Status (this is a draft document with which the spouses must sign before starting the proceedings).

The next document to provide to the defendant is the Agreed Decree of Settlement (this is a draft document with which the spouses are asked to state whether they will continue their relationship or not).

The Agreed Decree is the foundation for the whole litigation. It is the foundation of the voluntaristic part of the claim for the divorce.

The Final Decree is an ultimatum given by the judge to the defendant who is then required to respond with the agreement. It is the minimum final decree that must be given to end the case.

How to Submit Louisiana Divorce Papers Correctly

When you prepare the petition for divorce, you must make sure that the numbers on the papers match up with the corresponding numbers on the petition. If you have misplaced the first draft of the petition, you must restore it and pay the filing fees. We advise you to make sure the petition is complete and nothing is missing. You can also find additional Louisiana divorce papers here.

When the respondent submits his or her response, you need to provide the surviving spouse with a copy of the petition and the surviving party with the necessary forms. If the responding party does not respond, you need to provide the surviving spouse with two copies of the petition and two envelopes. You can also find additional divorce papers in different volumes here.

After all documents have been received by the court, you need to serve them to your spouse. We advise you to serve the documents to your partner in the usual way, which will not require you to go to the court.

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