Yesterday you were brothers and sisters; now you are mortal enemies. You and your ex-spouse must learn to love each other again and come to terms with each other in order to move on together. If you cannot do this, then look for a better partner.

Jealousy is something that you should not hide and even more so, it is incompatible with loving kindness. At the very least, it is incompatible with caring kindness. Let us say, a person who constantly reminds you of your ex and tries to change your decision should be treated with suspicion. He/she may well be a relative of yours but is not your friend or a lover. Consider this in advance: who knows better what your better half does with his/her little sister?

If you see your better half regularly but do not reciprocate the invitation to go on a date, then consider this a no-fault divorce and go on to your search for the required divorce document kit.

Do You Have a Chance to Feel Fair?

Divorce is a great physical and emotional test for any person, and even it seems to bring disaster. So, it is crucial to develop an inner sense of self-sufficiency and clear your mind of all kinds of psychological warfare.

If you understand that you cannot go on living with your beloved even if you are the happiest person on earth, then you need to develop a strong will to endure. The strength to forgive lies in letting go and letting your past go. If you are not strong enough, you will have to live with your shame and self-pity for a long time.

Develop a Sane Alternative

If you understand that your better half behaves in a manner that threatens you, then you need to develop a serious plan to fight mental illness. You need to look for a substitute for alcohol or drugs, special diets, and psychological help. A friend can provide an antidote to help you get out of your depressive mood and help you cope with your feelings.

However, do not go crazy with the idea that you can only be happy if your better half is happy. Try to develop a plan that includes your better half, the people you know, and also the places you visit. Share the same goal that all of you strive to achieve and that is realistic. If you are convinced that you cannot live on without your better half, then discuss the idea with your lawyer. If you are convinced that he/she is not happy in bed, then convince him that you are ready to change your life for better.

Are You Ready to Start a New Life?

Are you awake, my dear? It is time to learn how to start a new life. Yes, it is time to change your life! It is a normal process, so you will feel completely comfortable about the transition. Let’s start!

· Changing your lifestyle is as simple as possible. Take as much time as needed to get used to the idea. Take an active attitude, make plans, and don’t withdraw.

· You can start with simple things. To make yourself happy, follow the advice of some friends. If you don’t have a smartphone and you can’t text anyone, then call your family and friends and ask them to join you for a day. Don’t make it a rule, but choose a day that is convenient for you.

· When you are alone, take as much time as needed to compose yourself. The best way to relax is to lie on your stomach on the couch, close your eyes and feel free.

· When you need to spend more time with your children, try to do the things that would be able to make them feel happy. These include watching television series or playing video games.

· When you need to go on a trip, make sure that your husband or wife is not near you. Otherwise, you may have to wait for weeks and even months. Therefore, do not rush into the trip without checking whether your spouse is safe.

· When you come home, don’t make it a rule but treat yourself to a new hobby. For example, you can paint landscapes or go to the circus.

· Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risks. For example, do not buy a new car or get a refurbished one. The best way to save money on a new car would be to just leave it at the dealership.

· When you are ready, move ahead. You should feel free. You have to start living your life. And if you are ready, you can start with a blank sheet of paper.

How to Prepare for Divorce

Divorce is a real challenge to your life. You have to adapt to the challenges and find solutions together. But still, there are times when you have to go on the offensive.

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