No, not at all. The fact that such a marriage is becoming more and more common will only make it harder to maintain the traditional lifestyle. And as a result, many people will start thinking that it is worth less to marry in a gay bar than in a traditional way.

According to statistics, almost half (50%) of all marriages in the USA are characterized by domestic violence. If this statistic is correct, then the following question will be asked: Can you afford to get divorced in a gay barbecue? The answer is obvious.

If 50% of all marriages are violent, and the wife was abused for no obvious reason, then it is time to think about getting divorced. The issue is that even if you are sure that 50% of your spouse is ready to change sides and fight for you, you still have to pay attention to the rights of the other half. The best you can do is to educate yourself and start filling out documents that will grant you the right to live with your spouse as long as you wish.

So, if you are convinced that 50% of your spouse is ready to fight for you, then you need to start looking for divorce preparation services. You will not be able to file for divorce without them.

How to Save Marriage in the Age of Social Media

Especially in the modern world, which is obsessed with socializing and communicating with others, with the exception of marriage, it is hard to find a modern person who doesnt have any social media account. And that is an opinion that is shared by many.

Indeed, people spend a lot of time online talking to various online friends, watching various online people, and so forth. While all of that is awesome, it has a bad effect on our real lives.

Today, many of us are not aware of the fact that the social media can have a harmful effect on our marriage. Hence, we cannot rule out the possibility that social media may have some influence on the marriage dissolution process. But the thing is, does it make sense to say that Facebook is a reason for the divorce, and not vice versa?

If you are going to divorce, then you need to understand that this influence is not only with spouses but also with their followers. And it has to stop.

Indeed, the Social Media Effect in Divorce is Awful

It is hard to believe, but the things we see online can be so damaging. We can say that divorce is causing a lot of stress and all sorts of problems. And one of the things that makes the divorce so difficult is the fact that most people are not able to see the real value of the marriage. They think that if only one of the spouses was behaving in a certain way, the divorce would not be that difficult. However, we face a situation where it is harder than ever to get a divorce nowadays. Moreover, there are a lot of problems that make the divorce harder still. Below, there are some of the most common problems that people face after the divorce.

1.      Take it personally

One of the worst things that you can do to your spouse is forgetting about their interests. Someone said that divorce is like a person punching their spouse in the face. And that is something that you will most likely see in a situation where one of the spouses is trying to show that they are better at something. However, we see situations where people are not able to divorce, so they take it personally. It often happens that someone tries to show that his or her spouse is better at something and then gets shocked when the spouse does not notice that. It is also worth mentioning that such actions may cause even more problems. Therefore, you have to watch your temper when it comes to divorce.

2.      Fight for what you believe in

You can go through a lot of tough times in your life. However, none of us are guaranteed a cure for all illnesses. Therefore, you have to fight for what is good in your life and believe in yourself enough to get through this rough time. If you are already divorced, it may be time to look for some other options. For example, you can join a support group. There you will be able to meet other like-minded people and get support in your time of need. At the moment, you can even start with just helping people in need. That will not only give you a good mindset but it will also let you relax from your problems.

3.      Look for something else

You may feel like your marriage is done. However, that will require you to look for something else to be happy for. There is no need to be in a hurry. Take up an activity that you truly enjoy and that can give you a sense of satisfaction. That will help you to relax and find yourself again. The best choice would be something like football or hockey. It will bring back memories and feelings that are hard to deal with.

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