Probably, you have heard that it is possible to file for divorce in Indiana without a lawyer. But it is important to understand that this is only possible if you and your spouse actually want to end your marriage. The legal requirements for this option are different from those for the contested one.

In the first case, you will need to prove that your spouse is physically and sexually abused by you and your children. Another important reason for filing for divorce in Indiana without a lawyer is the lack of communication. Many people believe that it is impossible to talk about something that happened in a peaceful way without a lawyer. Therefore, if you are going to talk about something that happened in a way that hurt your spouse, make sure that you do it in front of your children.

Do-it-yourself divorce in Indiana if you meet the residency demands

If you are planning to have a do-it-yourself divorce in Indiana, you should already know that such a procedure is very closely related to the legal definition of divorce. That is why it is so important to carefully select the best legal grounds for you to divorce in this state. You must be sure that your local court does not permit filing for divorce in Indiana without a lawyer. Therefore, to file for divorce in Indiana without a lawyer, you need to make sure that you meet the demands of residency.

Indiana divorce documents

Regarding divorce papers in Indiana, it should be mentioned that the state has several different types of divorce documents. For example, there is the INDIVIDUAL LAW FIRM, which is usually filed by the initiating party of the divorce. This type of divorce is different from the FIRM because it concerns a much more specific set of grounds. The defining factor here is that the divorcing person must have lived in Indiana for at least 6 months before starting the process. Another important thing is that the spouses have to be married for a minimum of 3 months. This does not only mean that you have to be a resident of Indiana but also have to live in the state for a minimum of half a year.

There are also the INDIVIDUAL LAW FIRMS, which are filed by the initiating and responding parties respectively. These are different from the FIRMs because the latter deals with proving the fact of permanent marriage. Also, the latter deals with proving that the spouses have been living in Indiana for a year before initiating the case.

The last category of divorce papers in Indiana is the CHECKPOINTED SURVEY. It is a form where the divorcing spouses are asked to indicate their choice of personal information, as well as the reason for the divorce. Also, here you are asked to indicate the reason for the divorce which is neutral as to not cause any controversy.

The divorce packets for Indiana and elsewhere

In Indiana, there are different packages of divorce forms that correspond to different divorce philosophies. For example, couples with a common petition will be asked to indicate their wish to split up in a way that does not cause any controversy. A document containing a sample of personal documents is also provided. This is to allow the respondent to build up a complete picture of the situation prior to filing for divorce in Indiana without any preconceptions. Also, this sample document will be used as evidence in the case.

The respondent should not be able to claim that the respondent is not able to pay the fee for filing for divorce in Indiana. Therefore, payment for the forms should be provided. Form fees vary from $180 to $260 and the total cost of the process should not exceed $5,000 if the petitioners are the only defendant and the respondent is not.

Indiana divorce packet

The above-mentioned Indiana divorce packet is provided for the initiating and responding parties respectively. It is a personal package of divorce documents for Indiana that has been prepared by the initiating and responding parties themselves. It is different for each couple, and accordingly each couple should have its own customized Indiana divorce packet. The respondent can include whatever documents he or she wants on this document kit. However, it is most reasonable to start with the most essential papers and work your way up from there. The initiating party can include personal documents as well as documents related to education, insurance, taxes and insurance purposes. The education papers kit has the most variety of documents to choose from so that the respondent can include all necessary papers on a particular subject. However, it is most reasonable to start with the documents that will be applicable to the definition of abandonment or dissipation of marital property.

If the initiating party does not want to go through the divorce process, there is no need to worry. You can still file for divorce in Indiana if you meet the residency requirements and you act quickly enough. The only thing required of you is to bring the kit to the clerks office in the county where you or your partner lives and register them there.

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