Many are familiar with the idea of a trust as a legal mechanism to protect private information. It stands for “separate and confidential”. It can be set up and used for various purposes, such as:

Making decisions regarding divorce;

Establishing and maintaining the relationship with kids;

Studying and preparing for the division of property, assets and debt, etc.

But there is another side to this story. Many marrieds believe that a divorce is only possible due to the fact that the spouses have no minor kids. In this case, the divorce is of a different type. It is necessary to understand that the parents are not obliged to provide a parenting plan in order to avoid any legal proceedings. They simply indicate the fact that there is a conflict between their personalities. When there is a conflict, the wife is obliged to step in and help. But when there is no conflict, the husband can freely choose who will be the parent.

Another characteristic of a do-it-yourself divorce is the necessity for documenting the divorce process. Many documents are prepared online, renting a car for the first time, not to mention paying utility bills and taxes, etc. Thus, many are surprised that there still are no set rules regarding who will pay for the divorce process. The same for those who are going through it without a lawyer.

Do-it-yourself divorce in MA

There are a lot of things that you might need to do in order to get divorced. And each one of them requires a certain amount of time and effort. However, if you are determined and have enough cash, you can file for divorce online in Massachusetts without a lawyer. It will not take much time before you will be divorced.

Filing for divorce in MA

If you wish to file for divorce in this state, be ready to pay a great sum for the legal services of a lawyer. You will need to get your divorce packet in advance. And the online divorce option is not a compulsory option. You may also opt for a streamlined procedure and get your divorce in Massachusetts without a lawyer or a process server. This will give you a chance to avoid paying a great sum of money for the legal services of a lawyer.

After you are ready to file for divorce in MA, you need to ensure that you satisfy the residency requirements of MA divorce authorities. This means that you must live in MA for at least half a year before submitting the divorce application with the local court. After that, you must stay in MA for at least three months before applying for divorce in Massachusetts. Moreover, before you apply for divorce in Massachusetts, you need to make sure that you fulfill the residency demands of the local legislation. After all, the court will not approve the petition if you have no address in MA.

Furthermore, before you start the process, you need to check if you satisfy the residency demands of the local legislation. After you have answered all these questions, you can start the divorce process by filling out the prescribed forms. When you are done with the paperwork, make sure that you submit the document kit to your local court. Its your responsibility to check if the forms are completed and notarized. After your petition is approved, you need to submit the paperwork to your spouse. And its your privilege to inform the court about all the details related to your situation.

If you are ready to present your papers to the court, you need to contact your local court. In Massachusetts, you can contact the clerks office in the county where you or your partner lives. If you are going to submit the documents online, its best to do it during the working hours of the day and into the weekend. When finished, you need to make copies of all the papers. You should not have more than 24 hours to give your divorce application form to the court. After that, you need to send the documents to your spouse. You need to request a divorce for good behavior and to confirm that the decree will be approved. You also need to request the judge to grant the requested package of documents. If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can apply for a modification of your application or you can pay an extra fee to have your Massachusetts divorce packet reviewed before it is sent to the court.

After you receive the documents, you need to take them to your county clerk and inform them about your intention to dissolve your marriage. You need to pay the filing fee of approximately $150 and this is the only way you can avoid hiring a lawyer. If you are requesting an uncontested divorce, this will be your only expense. You will not have to pay for the lawyers services. If you choose to split up in an easy divorce without a lawyer, youll get everything done by professionals and you wont even need to visit the court. When preparing the document kit for submission to the court, you should keep in mind that in most cases the divorce is not consummated until the final page is completed.

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