Many people associate divorce with a messy legal procedure, high legal fees and, most likely, inconstant trial. But the best divorce deal can be had without a trial if you are a victim of infidelity. This is the best possible solution for those who want to get divorced quickly and with little effort. Get prepared for the fact that you will have to deal with many legal procedures and documents before you can even think of initiating your divorce process. And the most critical point is to choose the best legal divorce service for your specific conditions.

There are dozens of documents and guidelines to choose the best online divorce service for your divorce case. There are also divorce platforms, where experienced professionals will help you with your paperwork. But the most reliable service is the one you should direct all your efforts to. Here you will find the essential information about available forms, a list of recommended websites, and an explanation of arbitration.

Forms to Fill Out

Each state has its own family law regulations. It is necessary to follow specific rules since different states differentiate between the mandatory and optional parts of any given divorce form. For example, some require you to submit a parenting plan, some do not. Whichever you choose, you will be required to complete a range of documents related to child custody, visitation and support, childcare, and property division. Agree, if you are divorcing in California, it might be quite challenging to find the best online divorce service.

When you are finished with paperwork, you need to make sure your divorce petition is completed. It must contain all the required information about your situation, including your residence and divorce certificate details. When you submit your documents with your divorce attorney, you will be asked a series of questions to determine whether you are eligible for divorce in California.

You should then pay your court fees. Depending on the level of your divorce, you will be charged either fixed or growing amounts. If you are going to divorce in California, be ready to fork out some cash for your divorce attorney. Usually, the latter will charge you a flat fee regardless of the court you are going to submit your petition to.

Grounds for Divorce in California

Depending on the grounds you choose for divorce, you will be granted either a divorce on the spouse’s behalf or on the own. The first ground is that the spouses have lived separately for 12 months before filing for divorce in California. This is true even if the separation lasted only 6 months before filing for divorce in CA. It is important to distinguish between these two extremes.

There are also other grounds, which are not decisive in this case, and they are selected based on factors that are relevant to the process of divorce in CA. They are as follows:

The physical or mental incapacity of one of the spouses;

The continued pregnancy of the child;

The complete absence of joint property;

The complete incompatibility of the spouses with one another.

There are no particular requirements as to the time scales for divorce in CA. But if you have a child and want to give it a great deal of freedom, consider getting a divorce in the state when it is less than 6 months old. Furthermore, if you have to go to court to decide the terms, get ready to stand in the back of the queue. The judge will hear your case only when it is ready for submission. And as soon as it is ready, you can file for divorce in California without a lawyer.

The CA divorce process

The divorce process in CA usually goes like this:

The spouses make a request for the divorce to the court;

The other party confirms the receipt of the documents;

The judge investigates the petition and, if there is enough evidence, signs the final decree.

The divorce process in CA also has a peculiar feature: in the petition, the spouses are asked to indicate the reason for getting divorced in the form of incurable insanity. By specifying this ground, the judge can say that the couple will suffer from constant stress and suffering because of the separation. It is very important to make this point, because the judge will not be able to accept the petition if one of the spouses is incurable.

The CA divorce process guide

In this section you will find a short overview of the most common grounds and the requirements for each. You can also find out whether your state supports joint petition for divorce, information about getting a divorce in California without a lawyer and the steps to file for divorce in California.

If you want to understand more about the dissolution of marriage in California, you should understand that divorce is a long and complicated process. If you understand that you cannot go through the process alone, you can find out more about the requirements for divorce in California on the official UC divorce website.

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