Some people think that filing for divorce is a lengthy and difficult process. But in fact, it is not. If you have already taken all the necessary steps, then you can now file for an uncontested divorce. It means that you and your partner have agreed on all the important issues, such as custody, separation of real estate, division of debts, and childcare.

In this case, your partner should not be able to attend the hearing. But if you have the necessary information, you can now file uncontested divorce online in Texas. We will describe the exact steps later.

Do-it-yourself divorce for Texas residents

Once all the necessary information is collected, it is time to move on to actually filing the documents. The actual filing process will consist of a few steps.

The petitioner (the person starting the divorce) fills out the necessary papers by providing the documents to the court. Then he/she needs to file them with the local county clerk. The case is then officially closed and you are allowed to collect your documents.

The respondent (the spouse of the petitioner) is ready to file the documents and testify about their agreement with the petitioner. He/she needs to submit the documents to the court.

After that, the court will review all the information and either pardon the parties or terminate the marriage.

If you are the petitioner for your own personal reasons, you do not have to worry about doing anything. All the necessary papers can be found on our website.

This is the best solution for those who want to avoid too much trouble and are ready to file for an uncontested divorce. We can assist you with preparing your documents and will provide you with all the necessary help throughout the process.

Texas uncontested divorce

In this case, the petitioner has already resolved all possible disputes regarding property division, child custody and support, alimony, and other aspects. The only thing that remains to be resolved is the question of community property division. According to Texas laws, the court will only have the power to grant the divorces if both parties agree to the petition. If you and your partner cannot agree on this issue, you must file an affidavit which, however, can be prepared in different counties. This step is crucial for a quick and easy divorce in Texas.

After the judge reviews all the information and makes his or her decision, you and your partner will receive the documentation that was collected in accordance with Texas laws.

Once the process is finalized, you must wait for one month. After that you can apply for the official start of your proceedings. This period may be completed without ever seeing your spouse because the writ applies to all areas of life in which you live.

Texas uncontested divorce forms

When speaking about the required uncontested divorce papers in Texas, there are different packets of documents that you can submit to get the job done efficiently and with no complications. The first document package is usually available for couples with children. This document classifies all necessary forms for initiating the divorce process. The second document package is suitable for those who do not want to go through multiple trials but want to settle the case quickly and without problems. The third document package is specific to a particular county of Texas. As a result, it is necessary to submit the completed documents in that specific county.

However, there are cases when the submission of paperwork may be inappropriate or may even be harmful to your partner. In those cases, you can still get all the necessary documents through the court. Therefore, you need to contact the court close to where you or your partner resides to get the papers there.

Texas uncontested divorce

Couples have a really difficult time when it comes to divorce. There are so many complexities in the divorce process that it is extremely difficult to understand everything that is going on. However, we are here to help.

First of all, you need to understand that the Texas uncontested divorce process is only possible if you have an uncontested divorce. It means that both parties have agreed on all the aspects of the divorce and want it to be done peacefully. In this case, the divorce is granted. This is how you can avoid hiring a lawyer.

The only bad part about uncontested divorce is the fact that it requires less paperwork. To start the process, one of the spouses should go to court and undergo a hearing. In most cases, the process is around 12 months. After that, the couple has to wait for a certain period of time before they can expect a divorce. Also, there is a chance that the judge will make a decision on the conditions for the future annulment of marriage. That is how the average divorce in Texas costs in Texas can be much cheaper than expected. You will not have to pay high lawyers fees, and you can choose a simpler and more affordable way of getting divorced.

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