Most likely, you may have heard that from your relatives or others that divorce is not the most pleasant thing to experience in a lifetime. Moreover, it may cause even more suffering for you and your family members as well as your partner. Therefore, it is best to understand that your divorce process and its outcome will largely depend on the choice you make in the divorce procedure. There are a lot of factors that affect your life and your couplehood, and understanding and dealing with them will allow you to feel better and be happy again.

The Decision to Divorce

Most likely, most divorcing people have heard this before but it bears repeating: the decision to divorce is not an easy thing to take, especially for those who have already gone through the emotional and financial challenges associated with the legal breakup. The average cost of divorce in the USA is $13,500 with an additional cost of attorney fees and a suit asking for a divorce settlement is $20,000.

Keep in mind that your legal breakup will determine the duration of the divorce process, the court will appoint the judge and he will deal with all disputes about the division of property, child custody and financial support. So, if you are divorcing for personal reasons, the process will be much smoother and it will take significantly less time.

If you are filing for divorce with the help of and without the assistance of the attorney, you will probably have to pay a fee increase and some other extra costs. But if you have chosen to go through the divorce with the help of divorce preparation services, you will definitely qualify for free online divorce help. This will help you to avoid possible conflicts and get everything done quickly and cheaply.

Divorce for Money

Before you decide that the cost of divorce is worth it or you are just lazy, understand that for every dollar you spend on legal separation, you are adding to the cost of your divorce at the moment. If you are not able to pay the fee, you will be able to get a waiver by contacting our specialists. After you complete all the paperwork, you will be required to pay a fee for the case discovery which will be much cheaper than hiring a lawyer. The full cost of uncontested divorce in Wisconsin is $160.

Note that the filing costs for divorce in Wisconsin are among the highest in the United States. You are not required to prove your income to get the waiver. If you are a resident of Wisconsin, the cost of uncontested divorce in Wisconsin is $160, plus the cost of filing and serving the copies to your spouse.

If you are getting divorced in Wisconsin, you should know that the entire divorce cost in Wisconsin will be $13,500 for a plaintiff and $9,900 for a defendant. In addition, the monthly cost of filing for divorce in Wisconsin is $13,500 with a possible extra charge of $9,900.

The cost of divorce in Wisconsin for couples without children is also higher than in Wisconsin. The monthly cost of uncontested divorce in Wisconsin is $11,000 with a possible monthly increase of $3,000.

The Wisconsin uncontested divorce process is also one of the easiest processes online, and it does not require a lot of time or money to get through the process successfully. It requires just a few steps to start your divorce with us and end up with a cheap divorce for Wisconsinites.

Divorce for Non-Custodianship Issues

There are also some non-custodian issues that are related to the way in which you and your partner define the relationship. These issues involve such things as child support and custody, and the division of property. In most cases, the non-custodian aspect does not create any problems for the spouses. However, if there are specific custodial issues, such as childrens visitation or support, the situation becomes quite interesting.

In the situation where the non-custodian partner is not able to pay the non-custodian divorce in Wisconsin, he or she can be granted a waiver by contacting our specialists. This will allow the spouses to avoid using the courts help and will allow the process to go without the need to hire a lawyer. You will also pay a flat fee for the completion of the paperwork and to process your claim with the court. However, please note that the flat fee is only applicable if the spouses are divorced in the state, which does not seem to happen a lot.

Wisconsin Non-Custodian Waiver

If the non-custodian aspect does not create any problems for you, you can easily avoid using the courts help by becoming a non-custodian. This will allow you to save much paperwork and avoid the need to visit the court. Non-custodian spouses can simply state that they are residents of WI and pay a flat fee to register their petition.

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