The most important condition for an uncontested dissolution is that all the pertinent information is gathered and the spouses have made a decision on the divorce. If the couple has a joint business, this knowledge may be relevant for the judge. However, if only one partner is involved in the running of the business, this knowledge will not be relevant for dissolution of marriage.

Also, an uncontested divorce requires both spouses to reach a mutual agreement regarding all essential matters. If none of the spouses objects to the divorce, then this agreement cannot be executed. It can be stated that the spouses have no desire to discuss any issue until the divorce is over. Thus, the desire to reach an agreement does not exist and thus the divorce is not contemplated by law.

Another important condition is that the spouses must have no problems with alcohol or substance abuse. Otherwise, going to a court will be an impossible task.

Traditional divorce in Ohio is a long and complicated process, where you are likely to experience many difficulties and be subjected to many stresses. The adversarial nature of the divorce process makes it impossible to simply go to the court and try to get the desired result.

In such a stressful situation, it is very important for spouses to reach an agreement and avoid extra expenses. The successful completion of uncontested divorce in Ohio will not only allow you to avoid unnecessary stress and meeting with attorneys, but also will give you a chance to pursue a simpler and more affordable solution.

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Collect the necessary information for filling out your papers. You can either use the services of professionals who will collect all the documents for you or purchase the papers from our catalog and complete them yourself. Depending on your situation, this may not be possible. If you wish to get more information on this matter, you can call our customer service and ask for a custom paper cataloging.

Fill out our questionnaire to personalize your divorce forms in Ohio.

Pay the filing fees and submit the documents to the court.

Receive your divorce papers and a certificate of divorce.

The most important part is to control your online behavior. If you are going to apply for the divorce, then you should personally make sure that your documents are filled out correctly and they do not contain any errors. Otherwise, you are very likely to be subjected to a lengthy and complex process that may not be simple.

Do-it-yourself divorce in Ohio: Learn more about the process of the legal breakup

The process of the dissolution of marriage is not as complicated as you might think. The most difficult part is collecting the required papers, while the other steps are usually relatively simple and understandable:

The petitioner (the person starting the legal breakup) fills out the necessary Ohio online divorce forms, providing all the required personal information along with some data about common kids, property, and debt (if there are any). The respondent (the spouse of the petitioner) is notified about the divorce process and files the dissolution of marriage papers from his or her side to respond to the divorce claim. The respondent should also pay the court fees within 30 days.

The court approves and signs the papers for the legal breakup in no sooner than 6 months.

Getting divorce papers in Ohio online: Where to start

When it comes to filing divorce papers in Ohio, you have several different ways to prepare your documents. Each method has its particular benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to learn more about each one to make the right choice.

Standard divorce: This means you will have several consultations with a lawyer to collect all the required Ohio divorce papers. Consulting a lawyer has been the most common method for preparing Ohio divorce forms for years. However, it is currently the most expensive. The public option is much cheaper and faster. It is the best option for individuals who do not want to dive into the complexities of Ohio divorce paperwork.

Collecting the papers by yourself: This is the most common method of preparing divorce papers in Ohio. During the consultation, you will be asked to choose the proper method for your case based on the following:

Single mother vs. divorced spouse

Married couple vs. divorced couple

Inseparable lesbian or gay couple vs. divorced spouses

Child or adult abuse or substance abuse case

Financial hardship

Conviction of a felony

Dangerousness of the spouse towards the respondent

Separate but equal parts membership in the Communist Party USA.

The lawyer will give you specific instructions on how to complete each paper successfully and with no mistakes. The preparation of divorce papers in Ohio depends on the specific features of your divorce case and also on the characteristics of your spouses.

After the lawyer finishes preparing the documents, you will receive the opportunity to attend a short hearing. It is very important that you come to an agreement about all the conditions your divorce should be based on.

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