Even if you are sure that your marriage cannot be saved by any means, it doesnt mean that you cannot handle everything by yourself. You can always turn to for support and find a good lawyer long before the court date. However, it doesnt mean that you have to look for a lawyer solely because he\she is good at this. There are many other things that you may want to do with your divorce documents if you are going through without the help of the court.

There are many other things that you may want to do with your divorce papers if you are filing for divorce in Massachusetts without a lawyer:

Dont forget about your security

Do not leave important things undone

Consider preparing different forms for the future

Split up with your life partner without a second for sure

Dont forget about social media

It is time to learn more about the legal aspects that you should know before filing for divorce in Massachusetts. Lets start with the most important ones!

The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

This is the most important document for every divorce case. It is the basis for getting a divorce. The petitioner is the individual who starts the proceedings by filling out the claim for divorce. The respondent is the spouse who will give their response to the petitioners demands.

The respondent is interested in getting a divorce because he or she believes that the marriage is ending and there is no way to restore the previous state of Massachusetts. The petitioner is the spouse who agrees with the claim of the respondent.

The document can be prepared in three possible ways:

By yourself (when the couple has no disputes over the division of property or childcare);

By a lawyer (who will prepare all necessary forms for the judge to sign);

With the help of a special service (you need to fill out the papers on your own and then print and send them to the defendant); and

With the help of mail (you will need to send the forms to your partner).

The last option is quite easy and requires little effort. All you need to do is to provide the papers to your spouse and confirm that he or she is interested in getting them. Once they are prepared, you can submit them to the court.

The next step is to notify your spouse about the divorce. There are different methods to notify your spouse about the divorce:

In person (when you and your partner are married);

By mail (your partner must sign the acknowledgement of service);

By publishing a newspaper (your partner must come to the court and answer the call); and

By posting a bond (a mutual agreement).

The difficulty of the whole process depends on the method you use to notify your spouse about the divorce. It is most suitable for those who have no disputes and disputes can be settled without a trial. In this case, the petitioner must prove that the other party is to blame for the breakdown of the marriage.

The next step is to pay the court fees. The fee varies from $180 to $260, if the couple has children. If the couple has children, the fee will be higher. The cost of divorce in MA varies depending on the method of payment. After the respondent submits the proof of financial responsibility for the children, the judge may authorize the petitioner to proceed with the case.

The last step is to appear for the scheduled hearing. The court reporter will announce the date and time of the hearing. The duration of the hearing depends on the eligibility criteria and the judges decision. After the date and hearing the divorce is granted.

If you need any divorce help, you can find answers to some of the most common questions on our FAQs section.

How to file for divorce in MA?

To file for divorce in Massachusetts, one must fulfill the residency requirements and complete the petition for divorce. You must also serve your spouse with copies of the papers and receive their agreement. After that, the papers can be filed with the court.

If you are filing for divorce online, this is the easiest solution because you wont have to deal with any other difficulties. Afterwards, youll just need to get your divorce decree and start preparing your papers.

How to get a divorce in MA?

You can either go through the process yourself or seek professional help. Either way, youll need to attend the following steps:

Meet the requirements for an uncontested dissolution of marriage.

Prepare the necessary documents.

File them at your county court.

Deliver the documents to your partner.

Wait for the separation period of half a year.

Receive the dissolution decree.

How to get a divorce in Massachusetts?

You must go through the whole process from beginning to end, so you shouldnt wait until the case is validated. The easiest way to get divorced in Massachusetts is to go to the local court and make a request. After that, youll have to prepare and deliver the rest of the documents to your spouse.

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