Custody, jurisdiction, commitment, and order of protection are the aspects of local jurisdiction normally associated with child custody. When two spouses have children in common and their joint custody is required, the following issues should be considered:

Adults have to pay spousal support

Minor children have priority in custody and should be involved in all child-related matters

The maintenance order should be in writing and should be delivered in a form acceptable to the court.

When discussing divorce in NC divorce forms, it is necessary to point out the significant points that should be resolved before filing for divorce in North Carolina without a lawyer. The issue is that the spouses have to reach an agreement on all child-related issues, including custody and support. The issue is that the judge will consider the financial conditions of both parties. However, there is still the issue of joint property, which should be divided between the two spouses.

If the spouses are unable to reach a compromise, another process will be called for when the judge becomes involved. It is important to point out that the divorce of North Carolina without a lawyer is available only in the state; however, if you decide to bypass this procedure and file for divorce in another state, you may face some complications. In fact, this option is one of the most difficult and it is definitely not cheap.

Steps to divorce in NC

If you are finally ready to get divorced online and are confident about the steps involved, you can check whether you are eligible here. It is important to understand that North Carolina divorce is aes option to get divorced without a lawyer; however, using this method, you will avoid the need to visit the court. The procedure is also eligible for judicial review.

If you are filing for divorce in NC without a lawyer, you should choose the uncontested method to dissolve the marriage. This type requires both spouses to sign a document saying that they do not want to be married and they want to separate. This method also allows you to avoid paying a lot of money to lawyers. The only requirement here is to choose a peaceful and calm resolution to all possible problems. Step 1: Determine which spouse is it likely that you will have to face in court?

If you have to face some harsh words from your spouse while your children are around, then you know that it is time to talk. You have to decide who will take responsibility for your children and how often they will see their father. This step is crucial for getting a quick divorce in North Carolina. Even if you think that your spouse is the good guy, remember that you are also the plaintiff and you have to raise the children with both hands. There is no need to make every effort to show how kind and respectful you are, only to make children aware of the situation and act accordingly.

Once you have decided that you are ready to get divorced, the only thing you have to do is to act. In order to make the procedure less time-consuming and stressful, make sure to get the most out of the divorce:

Choose the type of divorce you want to have:

You can choose an uncontested type, which means that you and your partner have no disputes over various issues, such as maintenance, visitation and Child Support.

You can also choose a contested type, which means you and your partner have a lot of disagreements and none of them are resolved.

You can also choose a joint petition type, which means you and your partner are challenging in various aspects and thus needing a divorce.

You should also be prepared to meet some other requirements. In case you have children, you will be required to get a parenting plan, complete which outlines how you will handle different situations, including:

Child support

Medical insurance

Spousal support

Financial assistance

Parties with kids

Spousal support


Division of property, assets and debts


Expenses covered in spousal support, etc.

If you are on the way to the divorce, you should be sure to meet all the requirements because, as it happens, divorcing is not always easy. Having an attorney available to help you will help you deal with the paperwork that will be sent to you after you file for divorce in NC. Remember that you can turn to your local county clerk to get the necessary forms. Even if you don’t have time to visit the clerks office, you can still help yourself by filling out the forms online. After you are done with that, you should turn to your county attorney for further assistance and be appointed as a plaintiff or defendant. The latter will represent you in court and handle all the rules of the case.

When the plaintiff answers the initial claim, the case is given to the judge. After that, the plaintiff has 30 days to go through the process, which includes obtaining Nevada divorce papers, preparing the settlement agreement, serving the paperwork to the defendant, and receiving the final judgment.

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