Many were surprised to learn about the fact that many divorcing people are trying to avoid social networks. Even more shocking, they feel like this is due to the fact that such a course of action will protect them from the embarrassment of a social network in front of their children. But this is not true.

According to numerous studies, most divorcing people hide their online activity even from their kids. What is more, many of them even threaten their kids with this activity.

Therefore, if you are divorcing and want to protect your kids from the influence of your spouse, then do not create a fuss over social networks. While some hide it, others control it and even file for divorce.

Email and Social Networks Before Divorce

But now we will move on to email and social networks. These are far more dangerous than the letter because they can be used by both parties and both of them are aware of it.

• For example, an attorney will tell a story about how he or she received an anonymous email with a threat to kill the spouse or be transferred to a foreign country. Such an email could be written by a spouse of the attorney and it would be understood by both sides. But this is extremely dangerous as, according to many experts, an anonymous letter can be used by the other party to say anything and kill the interest of the spouse.

• And the same as with the letter, a social network can be a perfect trump card to say anything and be heard from anywhere. A witness can be deceived and thereby help to obtain the desired outcome of the divorce.

It is worth mentioning that even completely innocent posts and photos can be used against the spouse. So it is highly recommended to hide the real IP address of your computer and hide all correspondence there. It will be difficult for your ex to locate your spouse and retrieve documents there.

It is also worth considering that social networks can be a perfect way to track the location of the spouse. So if you see that your spouse tracks the location, then find the best way to expose this fact and get rid of all correspondence with this spouse. Even if you are not going to get a divorce, you will put your health at risk because your spouse can learn about your location and health issues.

It is also worth considering that social networks can be a perfect weapon for spying. If you have an affair on camera, then your spouse can learn about it and use it as a reason to get rid of you. So do not let your husband or wife spy on you and make sure that you scrub your social networks thoroughly.

It is also worth considering that the entire amount of sensitive information posted on the Internet cannot be used against you. Therefore, you should store the information on your phone with a password and never use it on a spouse.


If you are on the verge of a divorce, then you need to start thinking about social networks as a possible source of evidence. If you are on the verge of a divorce, then you need to take care of the security of this data. It is also worth mentioning that social networks can be used as a way to spy on you. You need to control what information you post on your account and never share it with your spouse.

How to Protect Yourself from the Influence of Social Media Before Divorce

The influence of social networks on our lives is enormous. It is difficult to deal with and even more difficult to understand. Nevertheless, the risk of losing our minds is close to zero.

It is worth mentioning that the influence of social networks on divorce is especially pronounced in the sphere of family. The more often a spouse posts about himself on Facebook, the more likely it is that he will be angry with his partner and will try to destroy the family.

Mothers who divorce tend to feel much more sympathy for their children than they used to be. And even if the child is old enough to understand what is going on, the parental love is still greater than ever. Therefore, the younger children are, the more they understand the reason for the divorce. And if the mother understands that the child is angry with her because she does not love him anymore, then the divorce will be a good reason for her to talk to the child.

Of course, the influence of social networks does not end here. After divorce, spouses need to take care of their online behavior. Therefore, discuss the possibility of sending the child to a particular person, so that the spouse does not feel that he or she needs to see the parent more. Also, never deny an opportunity to meet with your child online. This means that the parent can communicate with the child online and do not block him or her from seeing the parent.

Therefore, the most important thing after a divorce is to become aware of the online influence and avoid situations when it happens. It is especially important to protect yourself when you are a victim of cyberbullying or when your spouse is the aggressor.

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