The divorce process has a unique set of features and conditions that determine the process and outcome. So, it is necessary to briefly describe the major features of NCs uncontested divorce process and briefly assess how it works.

The petitioner (the individual who initiates the divorce) must satisfy the following demands:

He or she must have lived within the states borders for one year before starting the process.

If the residency demands are not met, the petitioner can choose a no-fault reason and submit a written answer to the specific questions asked in the petition.

In other words, the spouse who wants to file for divorce must provide personal reasons that demonstrate the necessity for getting a divorce and demonstrating that the spouse is not fit to live with the children.

In most cases, the divorce process in no sooner than 60 days after the petitioner files the petition.

After the divorce is granted, the petitioner must wait for two months until the judge gives a judgment.

Finally, the process is that much like the marriage, the duration of the marriage varies. It depends on the exact situation you are in, the type of divorce you have chosen and whether you have kids or not.

NC uncontested divorce forms

Contested divorces are much more complicated and definitely require a lot of time and effort. Our service was created to help those who are facing the same problem as spouses with regards to the divorce process and the divorce process itself. With the help of our experts, you will be able to get an easy divorce in North Carolina in a few easy steps.

Start with completing the necessary papers (our service is always ready to give you a helping hand if you need it). Then come to a consensus with your spouse on how to divide the common property, who will take care of the kids and how often the judge will meet to decide on the division of debts and alimony.

After you are done with the paperwork, you need to make three copies. You need to keep the other two copies in your own hands and never let anyone else see them. The third document contains confidential information about you, your spouse, your kids, and a promise to fulfill in the future.

If you are unhappy with the court decision and want to appeal, NC uncontested divorce is the best option for spouses who do not want to hurt their kids or have a conflict, and also want to avoid hiring a lawyer. The procedure is less time consuming and expensive than going through a standard divorce. Additionally, if you are appealing, you wont have to petition the court for a writ of dissolution.

North Carolina uncontested divorce forms

If you are eligible for an uncontested divorce, it is time to discover out whether you can get NCs uncontested divorce forms online. When doing so, look through the guidelines on how to file for an uncontested divorce; skip the step of preparing the complaint and take the following steps:

Find the right court. It is necessary to meet with the judge and learn more about the uncontested divorce process. Attend the hearing. The judge will give you the form materials and explain to you the rules regarding the divorce. If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can ask for the payment waiver and the request for the hearing to be reduced to half. If you reject the payment request and the court decides that you are unable to pay the fee, you will be able to go through the order.

Make copies. If you are going through the procedure, you should keep all the copies of the complaint and other documents. When you are ready to file for the divorce, you need to make two copies. You need to make sure that your spouse does not know about the first document. After you are done with the paperwork, you need to send the copies to your partner. If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can send the documents to the court. If you cannot reach your spouse, you can submit a petition. When this is done, your spouse should sign and file it. After you are done with the proceeding, you need to send the copies of the documents to your partner. If they are not able to do so, you need to send a special form to the responding party. It should be sent to them personally by a person known to be at the place of the divorce. If they accept the document, you submit the documents to the court.

Cost of uncontested divorce in North Carolina

The cost of an uncontested divorce in North Carolina is around $300. This is the only cost that you will have to pay since the agreement between two divorcing spouses is not obligatory. If your divorce is not costly in terms of money, it will be much easier to get pregnant in NC. The cost of an uncontested divorce in North Carolina is much lower than the standard contested option, and you will not have to pay huge amounts for a trial. NCs uncontested divorce costs start at $100.

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