Divorce has been always a stressful and emotionally draining process. Even if you are an experienced divorcee, you should still feel nervous and uncertain about your future. You have to sort out your feelings, reconcile with your spouse, find the best way to distribute your responsibilities and earn your happiness. Otherwise, you will just prolong the process and increase your expenses.

If you cannot make satisfactory progress on your own and have no one to rely on, it is time to seek professional help. Here, we will discuss what you need to do to go through smoothly and with no obstacles.

The One True Way

Having received the document collection for filing for divorce, you need to make three vital decisions.

Firstly, you need to make a decision on whether you are ready to become a co-petition partner. Before you decide this, clarify whether you are ready to put in some efforts and get some support, or you are going to be left to your troubles.

Secondly, you need to understand whether your problems are serious enough to warrant a divorce. Realize that you have to work on them on your own, without help of family, friends or psychologists.

Thirdly, you need to talk about the custody of your children. The custody issue is quite simple and should be solved without controversy. You claim that you have joint children and property, and you provide the photographs, documents, and statements. In general, you are allowed to have contact with your ex by sending a photo of yourself with a meal and a bottle of wine.

In this regard, you can always help your ex-spouse by sending children to his or her place of residence. You do not have to look for a particular club, but simply send all possible forms to the address.

So, your first step is to become prepared and excited about the new stage of your life. Now, more than ever, you have a great opportunity to make a big step into a completely new life. You can start with small changes and see how far it will go.

Changes in Social Life

If your divorce led to a situation when you are not in a good mood, it is high time to think about some changes in social life. Perhaps you did not notice how important it is to communicate with your friends and start liking their company. Or perhaps you were not aware of how important it is to write down all your concerns and questions and come to a decision. In such a case, you will not only feel relieved at the fact that you have finally found the right way to talk to your friends but also will be able to improve your life.


Although your life was changed forever by the Internet, your interactions with others still are. Therefore, it is important to be able to communicate with those people without being tied to your modem and cable modem. It is also worth noting that all the while, your online friends are able to avoid fights and learn how to interact with you. At the same time, if you feel like your life has changed for the worse, you are not mistaken.

Lack of Qualitative Communication

One of the first things that you notice in people who get divorced is the fact that they have very few qualitatively correct remarks. Most likely, after you have divorced, you will be accused of being redundant, of being an insensitive jerk, of being rude, of being an imbecile. Such remarks will not be taken seriously, and you will get into all sorts of scandals. If you are not strong enough to respond to such insults, you will be left alone with your problems. And the biggest reason for that is the fact that most divorcing people do not have any qualitatively correct thoughts. They are just thinking that they are not able to divorce, because it is not possible for them to do that.

The only way to fix all of these problems is to start communicating with each other. If you can agree on the following, you will be able to eliminate the need for legal assistance and will you will both be able to live a normal life and have a healthy relationship.

Start Checking Your Email

Even if you are not the one who initiated the divorce, you should still check your email to be safe. If you are not going to use your email to tell something, then do not write it. Even if you are going to mention the name of the company and say that you were fired, do not write that you were not able to save the company. It is better to just leave it at that and never write anything about your marriage or divorce again.

Warn Employer That You File a Divorce

It is best if you have already completed your divorce process, and if you are not ashamed of it. Nevertheless, if you are still angry about the divorce, you should warn your boss or the personnel department in advance that you are going to do something.

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