If you are a woman who is going to get a divorce soon, then you probably feel the pinch of loneliness in the smallest details of your marital union. The problem is that you probably dont know anyone to talk about your feelings and problems, so you cannot go without someone to talk to. However, now you are free from the shackles of your marriage obligations and can enjoy the freedom you so richly deserved before God put you on the horse.

Your marriage and divorce are so many things but they are still your family and you should get over them as soon as possible. Feeling lonely, depressed, disappointed or desperate, you will either need a strong will to overcome your feelings or luck to survive the divorce and gain the courage to move on.

If you are a man, then you have all chances to overcome your loneliness. Recovery from the divorce process is not difficult as it is a case of a divorce almost every man faces eventually. It is true that the rate of divorced men is higher than that of divorced women. But the difficulty of your case will depend on several factors.

You should know that men have a lower chance of recovery from depression and anxiety than women. This is mainly because men are made to feel this way. But if you understand that your mental health has been affected by the divorce, then you have to act quickly to keep it in shape.

Maintain a Sense of Humor

Never forget to laugh even in stressful situations. Stay positive; you can always recover and build up your life from scratch. Even if you are not granted the gift of telling jokes, become part of the company that improves your mood. The best way to remember your goodbyes and good wishes is to make new friends. Stay active and make new connections. The stronger your will to recover, the stronger your recovery will be.

Move on

It is always easier to go through a divorce process knowing that you can turn into ashes. From the time you file for divorce to the time it is finalized, you are on your way to recovery. But it is not only you who needs time to recover. It is also your loved one who supports you. So it is worth giving yourself time and asking for new connections so that you can feel supported and loved by both of you. It is very tempting to look for a better life elsewhere but you should know that there are those who stayed with you through the whole time. So it is important to stay with them and make new connections. So that when the time gets tough, you still have someone to lean on.


When you feel that you need to go back to normal life immediately, you need to start remembering about your former life. That might not seem like something that you need right now, but it is a good idea to get organized. Write down your requirements and give a great deal of thought to your situation. Get some new clothes, change your routine a little. This is how you can find your soulmate. Also, do not forget to communicate with your friends. They will help you with everything and you do not need to worry about them.

Follow your example and do the same

If you are following your old example, then do not neglect to become a good follower. When you are divorced, you have to be careful and attentive, since some of the things that you used to do may no longer be applicable to you. Therefore, it is best to stay aware of what you are good at and what you may lack. Do not let your new friends know about your new hobby or that you have made a decision to become a carpenter. They will help you with all that you need. However, do not let them know about your new love and do not try to control it. It can hurt you a lot and you will be crushed by your older friends. So, do not let them know about it. However, do not let them think that you are breaking up. You are just doing what they told you to do.

You have to be strong

When your marriage is in bad shape, it is time to get stronger. You have to believe in yourself, know your place in the divorce process and try to get in touch with your old life. If you are working hard and you feel like you are good at it, it means that you are not giving up. You have to keep going even when everything is going to end. If you are working hard and you feel like you are good at it, you are just hiding something. You are not good at it and you are afraid of the unknown. In such a case, just go for a walk or jog and get in touch with your old life. It will give you some strength to the future plans.

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