It is normal if you cannot bring yourself to talk about your spouse’s money, assets and debt during a serious dialogue. Yet, it doesnt necessarily mean that he or she is dishonest. The truth is that your spouse may hide money, assets and debt if you expose their illegal activity. Truth be told, your better half could simply mean that you are working on their behalf and thus shouldnt be in a position where you have to expose the details of your marital agreement. Of course, a guilty spouse would not hide any details of his/her marital agreement from you and you should expose the fraud and collusion.

Hiding Assets During Divorce: Its a Sin

It would seem, what can be the connection between two houses? The truth is that concealing one’s assets can be justified in divorced couples. Let us say, your better half may not be on good terms with his/her former partner and you can draw a conclusion that this will lead to a conflict. This is, of course, only a theoretical possibility. In real life, it happens that those who have found favour with one another can decide on their own later on whether or not to go to the court.

But, revealing the identity of the husband or wife who hides assets during a divorce is completely unacceptable. Even if you are going to proceed with the case, you should make sure that your spouse cannot take advantage of you. Otherwise, you are going to put your fate in the hands of the judge and the decision will not be fair.

How to Protect Yourself via Technology in a Divorce

With the Internet and social media being an inherent part of our daily life, it is obvious why our lives are so complicated and we tend to spend lots of our precious time and money on various gadgets and technologies.

Even if you are getting divorced, you shouldnt put off such a possibility. Technology can be your hand of help when you need it most. Yet, you should do your best to protect yourself from the emotional trauma caused by social media and other similar media. The primary thing is to be careful and organized in advance, so that you can avoid common mistakes and get divorced with little effort.

The Final Thoughts

It is always hard to find a person who doesnt have an iPhone and a Google Calendar. Moreover, both of them are essential for any healthy relationship. Yet, if you are prone to emotional infidelity, it will be a grave mistake to drag your ex into your marriage problems. If you are a victim of emotional blackmail, it will be a pointless gesture and a real threat to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Still, if you are on the way to the divorce, you should do your best to protect yourself and nowhere else. The only way to protect yourself is to change your attitude towards technology and encourage your children not to use it as a co-parent.

Feeling of Guilt

People go to extraordinary lengths to get what they want, and sometimes it seems that their needs are more significant than their rights and wishes. Men want to look like women, women want to be heard like men. Sometimes it seems that the only way to protect yourself is to cut ties with your husband and never look like women again.

Parents should warn their children that their decisions regarding the division of parental responsibilities and rights will be taken into account by the other spouse. And if the other spouse is inclined to provide children with ample amounts of parental support, you may want to introduce a system whereby the children can anonymously report on the situation. Yet, even if you are going to introduce such a system, make sure that it is functioning properly. It doesnt hurt anybody to-date, so do your best to keep the lights on.


One of the main tenets of modern society is the need to spread awareness about social issues. So, you can easily spread the news about a divorce with a friendly colleague, even if he or she has never undergone one. This will help your ex to feel better about the divorce and help the child(ren) feel more comfortable about the upcoming changes. At the same time, you should not forget about your interests as parents. If children of divorce want to follow in your footsteps, encourage them to read books about friendship and family life, and discuss divorce with their relatives.

All in all, care should be taken not to create unnecessary misunderstandings between you and your ex. The only way to restore your married-couples relationship, you should explain to the child why you and your ex-spouse are going to different schools, why you are taking a break in the case of divorce, and so on.

Parental Presence

Unless you are going to have a conversation with your child, it is best to put the child (and only the child) in the middle of your attention. The parent (or, in the case of online divorce services, the ex-parent) will remain until the child feels that presence.

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