By far the most common reason for splitting up in the US is a lack of communication. Almost half (50%) of all marriages where the partners do not communicate were caused by disagreements about property, custody and child support. 

When two people share the same set of reasons for divorce, they are most likely to start looking for a divorce attorney. The last thing they need is a person to blame for their marital problems. Both partners are aware of the fact that a good attorney can solve many issues and thus seek revenge.

While most often the spouses are unaware of each other, they often have something to hide from each other. If spouses do not trust one another, then hiring a lawyer is a waste of time. It will only add fuel to the fire and cause even more complications.

The Final Thoughts

If you are on the way to the divorce, you should think about the many factors that can derail your progress. Furthermore, you should understand that there is no single panacea to all your problems. A breakup is not a threat to your health, good or bad. It is just another stage in your life that you have to pass with dignity and care.

How to Prevent a Relapse

You cannot be one hundred percent sure whether you will one day experience the same fate as your better half. However, you can be sure that within the framework of your previous life, you were in the right place, where you needed to be. In any case, take note of the fact that prior to the divorce, you needed to be in the right place, where you needed to be.

Was your better half lying to you about a divorce? If so, then you need to tell it now, so that you can get the help you need. The only question is how you will do it.

Remember that prior to the divorce, you shared the following beliefs and practices:

• You are emotionally strong enough to handle any life situation;

• You have no desire to manipulate anyone;

• You are sure that alcohol does not affect your judgment;

• You do not have any compunction about telling anyone about your new decision;

• You are sure that in front of your better half nothing would happen to you.

Now you are faced with the difficult decision: to believe everything you say and do, or to break up for good and move on. It is that easy to believe what you want and do. However, if you do not start acting, but your better half does not listen, then you will only get yourself into more problems.

How to Prevent a Relapse

You need to understand that the rate of one in three divorces is much higher than the lifetime rate of one in ten. Very often, the number of such cases does not indicate the real situation. Usually, one can identify the exact number of divorced people by the fact that the divorced people have a higher relapse rate and that their partners have more frequent mental health problems.

Therefore, the prevention of a relapse is not only about personal safety and wellness but also about providing the needed support to the people you love.

Current Problems with the Financial Side of Divorce

Divorce is a life-shaking event. It requires a lot of time, money and efforts. People who are in the process of divorce often worry about the financial impact of the legal procedure. However, the divorce is not a life-shaking event, so it is not always easy to predict how it may affect the financial situation of an already burdened family.

Even those couples who have been happily married for a long time should be able to predict the future. Therefore, they should do their best to plan everything beforehand and make a plan of the financial impact of the divorce.

Current trends suggest that the financial difficulties of the last decade are getting worse and everyone knows it. Therefore, most people strive to get a cheap divorce online as soon as possible and with the cheapest terms. Yet, this should not be your only concern. You should also think about the following:

Your health

• What will happen to your health? A lot depends on your upbringing, personality, diet, stress and physical activity. Your health problems will be different from each other and it will take some time to solve them. Remember that to live successfully, you need to understand yourself and your situation. Understand that constant stress and an unhealthy diet will not only injure your body but also your personality.

• How can you cope with all these problems? There is no simple answer to all your problems. You need to solve them together. It is not that easy to cope with one lump of clay when you are pregnant. Try to have regular check-ups of your mental and physical health. If you still have not solved them, you should talk about it in the near future.

Your children

You need to think of the best way to raise your children after the divorce.

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