Unlike most other states, Utah courts do not establish any particular time frame to resolve any particular case. Instead, everything is done by court procedure and, therefore, couples have to take into account various holidays. Keep in mind that the majority of Utah divorces are associated with one of the three holidays periods (October, November, or December). The majority of all divorce cases that are filed in Utah relate to property issues and there is no chance for couples to settle their financial issues during one of the holidays.

Take note that this type of divorce does not imply a trial, yet the judge may order both the petitioner and the respondent to appear at the hearing. In the end, all the paperwork will be ready for submission to the court.

If you are filing for an uncontested divorce, there is no need to arrange any schedule of actions. All necessary documentation will be filed by the petitioner, and the respondent will have to provide his or her response in written form. After that all the documents will be delivered to the Utah attorney general, and the respondent will have a chance to respond.

Divorce papers for Utah

If you are seeking to end your marriage in Utah, you should be ready for a full package of documents. The first document that must be filed is the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or some variation thereof. This document is essential as it determines the full picture of the situation and establishes the legal ground for the future dissolution of marriage. It is also a type of a divorce settlement agreement. As such, it is the only document that the parties should see before they start any proceedings.

Upon reviewing, the judge will make a decision on whether the petition for dissolution of marriage and the settlement agreement are in the best interest of the child. It is very important to point out that the judge will consider each variation and have a great deal of discretion in any particular situation.

In simpler terms, the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage establishes the legal ground for the divorce and the Settlement Agreement settles all the controversial issues that can influence the process of the divorce. Hence, it is highly recommended to use the most up-to-date forms for uncontested divorce.

Utah divorce forms

The petition for dissolution of marriage is the most important document that both parties need to prepare. It is the initiator of all actions that are taken in the case. It is also the plaintiff of all claims against the other party. Therefore, it is a great indicator of the best suit for the respondent. The detailed information about the petition and the supporting documents is available on our website.

The detailed petition (in which the initiating party and plaintiff specify the grounds and/or the conditions they expect to be met with) is necessary to initiate a divorce. It must include the following:

Names and addresses

Dates of birth and place of birth

Information about the marriage

A statement of finances

Preliminary agreement on the division of property

Significant other questions

The information about the property division is usually all that is required to create the petition. However, if you are asking to end your relationships, this part should be provided too.

The document can also include other forms if the couple has children under the age of 18. The detailed petition and other documents may also be filed in court if the couple has underage children. The contact information of the court can also be provided on the forms if the couple has moved to another state.

Generosity of dissolution and agreement on the division of assets/debts/items after marriage

If the couples earnings are low, they may be granted a little easier path to collect the required documents. A witness is needed to prove the correctness of the statement of finances and the age of partners. In most cases, it is worth the time that the couple has to think about creating a petition and taking all the steps of the process.

If the partners want to save their time and money it is possible to file for divorce online. This is the fastest way to collect all the required papers and to make sure that they have done everything possible to avoid any delays. To start the process, spouses should go to the court and register their petition. After the registration is completed, they must pay a fee for registering their petition. At this time, the couple has to produce the other required forms and provide proof that they need to receive alimony for the previous years.

Alimony and Child Support

Once the couple is officially divorced, it is time to get concerned about how the support of the non-custodian parent can be provided. According to Utah laws, child support is the obligation of both parents to provide alimony to their underage children. The non-custodian parent is designated by the non-custodian parent as the respondent. The respondent is the parent who responds to the demand of the petitioner.

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