Getting divorced is usually a tough time for the spouses. Both of them may feel frustrated and stressed out, as well as anxious and possibly devastated by the whole process. Yet, the best way to avoid unnecessary stress and upset is to get a quick divorce in FL. The official deadline for submitting the papers to the court is on the first day after the petition has been registered in the court for at least 60 days. You can get a divorce in Florida online as soon as the papers are ready and you have everything you need to start the proceedings. Then you need to send the documents to your partner by any accepted way, including a certified mail, by the sheriff, and/or a professional service provider. As soon as they are served, your partner should respond with his/her own copy of your documents. Even if your spouse refuses to accept the divorce, you still have to go to the court and register the case if you wish to have a certain period of time to think about your future. Then the judge will deal with your uncontested divorce case and you will wait for your judgement. FL divorce online is the best option for getting uncontested divorce with no difficulties.

Procedure for Getting a Divorce in FL

Most people believe that filing for divorce in Florida is a complicated, time-consuming, and costly process. The truth is that the procedure is much easier, and the costs will be much lower if you choose to file for divorce in Florida without a lawyer. Still, there are certain points you should remember before you begin the procedure.

If you wish to end your marriage quickly and without public hearing, you should file for dissolution of marriage in FL. This method of ending a marriage is also called a quick annulment of marriage. The crucial requirement here is to find a compromise with your partner and make sure all the terms are in order. If you agree on the conditions mentioned in your petition, you must file it with the court and bring it to the judge for approval. If the terms are unacceptable for the judge, you must go to court again to try to resolve the matter. If you agree to the conditions or you are sure that you do, you must report the results to the court.

If you are ready to file for dissolution of marriage in Florida, you must also submit certain papers. They include:

Financial statements demonstrating that your marriage is over.

Signs of domestic violence or abusive behavior detected in your spouse.

A letter from your spouse purporting to show that you are ready to cooperate with each other and bring your relationship to the end.

If you are sure that you meet all the requirements, you can start the process. You just need to deliver the papers to the responding party and wait for their response. If they comply with the conditions, you will have to go to court and register the case.

If none of the mentioned papers are accepted, you will have to go to court and try to resolve the matter yourself, or seek the help of an attorney. It is important to us that you comply with all the requirements and find the best way for you to deal with the process.

When the process is completed, you need to send the documents to your partner. It should be done in such a way that he/she can check the authenticity of the papers before you submit them to the judge. It is worth mentioning that the judge will have power to accept or reject the papers if it is not possible for you to reach an agreement.

If you are ready to file for divorce in FL, you should go to the clerks office of the county court in the county where you or your partner resides. Here you will register the case and pay the fees. You will also receive the certificate of marriage dissolution that will be given to your name.

Those who are going through the procedure can choose from two scenarios:

The first scenario proposes that you and your partner resolve all the matters by requesting a divorce based on no-fault reasons and includes contacting an attorney. In this case, the divorce does not have to be argued in front of a judge.

The second scenario is much more complicated but definitely requires seeking the help of an attorney if you do not have one. In this case, the judge will include special recommendations regarding your conduct and decision.

In order to file for divorce in Florida, one or both of the partners must have resolved all the matters and done everything possible within the given time-frame. If one of the partners is going through the procedure, the process starts on the day the affidavit is filed by the responding party. The other option is to file for divorce in Florida by yourself and deliver the documents to your partner, who will respond with satisfaction.

How to submit Florida divorce forms

When you want to submit your paperwork to the court, you should fill out the papers and make copies. After that, make sure the papers are filled out correctly and you have done everything possible.

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