Many divorced people have a strong desire to restore their family life and enjoy happy co-parenting and keeping children happy. Reunification counseling is a good alternative to do it yourself divorce packet to help divorced parents get back on track quickly and without problems.

Imagine that your children are around when you are not. In most cases, this poses no threat to your peace of mind and it is a great solution for those who are worried about how to manage childrens feelings correctly. Imagine that you are always at the ready and available to provide all possible help in case of any issue concerning your children. You do not need only to be a good parent to your children and to explain to them that you love them. You need to make their upbringing special and important for your happiness.

Here are some points that you need to remember when deciding on the appropriate way to handle the issue of child support.

• You should not confuse children with different parents. Children are smart enough to distinguish between divorced and non-divorced parents. And even those who are not against co-parenting have a great deal of sympathy for those who are affected by the divorce. Therefore, in any case, children are not against you or your partner. They just want to have their parents and a good life. So, why put them in the middle of a situation where the fate of their parents depends on your actions?

• You need not explain to the children why you divorce. If you do not tell them the real reason for your divorce, nor when and where the hearing will take place, nor who is going to be in charge, then the children will not understand what is going on. Moreover, you will also alienate your minor children from their parents.

• You need not explain to the children that you are not going to punish them for the misdeeds. You need only to say that you are divorced and that they should not take it personally. Explain that you are divorced and that it is your fault that the children do not love another parent more.

• You need not provide the children with special needs with whom you are going to punish those who disobey. You can do it by giving them as many toys as they need and letting them understand that you are a good parent but not a perfect one.

• You need not explain how and when you are going to restore your family honour. Children do not demand that you do it themselves. They demand that you explain what they need and why you are doing this. Explain that you are restoring their family honour and that you are not going to be satisfied until they get satisfaction.

• Children are very sensitive to any changes in family structure and honour. They have a great desire to connect with both parents and grandparents. If you put them in the middle of a situation where you are trying to restore the family, then they will be very happy. But if you try to impose your will on them, then you are not in their right mind.

• You need to provide children with a complete picture of the divorce process. Explain to them that you are not trying to take their side. You are trying to restore their honour and make their future happy. So they need to understand that you are trying to help them, but not them.

• Children should not understand that you are trying to change what is already happening. Explain that you are trying to restore their parents honour and that doing this will help them to feel better.

• Do not expose the children to other parents problems. If parents have children, then these children should also understand that transition is always hard and that the parents have children too. They need to understand that transition usually takes at least six months, and sometimes even several years. Therefore, the children need to stay involved and be able to maintain the balance.

• Children should not understand that there is a chance for them to live with both parents. Explain that transition is always hard and that parents should always find a solution for children that works for both parents. Also, do not let children compare the situations. They need to understand that their parents are different and that understanding and dealing with differences will not be easy for them. So it is better to let the children see the process in which both sides are involved.

• The main aim of the documentary is to raise funds for the child-related issues. It does not matter if the age of the children is younger than eighteen months. Raise money for child-related issues by answering a few questions. After the documentary is finished, do not forget to send a copy to your partner. If he or she agrees with all the conditions, then you have a chance to move on. If not, then you have to go to court.

How to prepare child-related documents for court

The (co)parenting process is complex and (child-related) issues may lead to multiple trips to multiple hearings.

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