Many divorcing people claim that they would be happy to remove all the unnecessary parts of their divorce processes. However, as they get closer and closer, it becomes harder and harder to decide on how to do everything. There is a huge chance that your divorce will be a turning point for a lot of negative emotions and mental instability. Therefore, it is crucial to find a compromise on all issues related to custody, visitation and support. If both spouses are in favor of splitting up and one of them does not want to deal with childrens and alimony problems, it is possible to create a parenting plan. Here you will find the essential information about this topic.

Start with determining the needs of your family. There is no need to be in the same house as everybody. Make your best to maintain your previous spot. If you can agree on a schedule with your spouse, it will mean that you have found a compromise. Your children are more sensitive and will be happier in the custody of your parents if they like it.

Also, do not forget to act in the best interest of the child. When the childrens rights are involved, you have to act in the best interest of the child. For this, you can expose your children to as many divorce stories as you can. If this is impossible, you can always call your friends and ask them to help.


There is no need to be in a hurry. The best way to save money and time is to follow the advice of your relatives and make a plan of the nearest future with your spouse. This will allow you to think clearly and do it without extravagance or a risky decision.

How to Protect Yourself Via Technology in a Divorce

With constant technology use, we have come to expect that technology will be implemented into our daily life and we will be forced to use it in some kind of way. Some use it in the home, some invest in techs themselves, while others are very careful and opt for digital security.

Some are surprised to learn that a third of divorces are connected to the Internet. It seems like there are too many things that are influenced by the technology and its impact. Nevertheless, there is a connection between the tech and marital problems. It would seem, right? Things that can go wrong if you take a look at the connected issues of today are not that common. There is one about connected cars and the fact that the connected cars enable the owners to monitor the activities of their users. There is also the issue of shared passwords and gadgets, which can give rise to the rumour that your spouse has infiltrated your email correspondence or gadgetry.

These rumour are based on the fact that most married people share passwords for their connected cars with their best girlfriends or wives. When the latter ones get hacked, the whole story can be brought to the light. Then again, it was never said that social networks are not the enemy of the State. They serve as a bridge to the spouses and allow them to communicate freely. Except for being used as a way to communicate, social networks can also be used as a way to spy on their partners. A simple search on the Internet will bring you up a wealth of useful articles and resources.

Social Media and Divorce

Over the last few years, we saw that many people start to use social media more and more often. And as time goes by, we can see that many are getting deeply concerned about the influence of social media on marital life. We also can see that many are not understanding the importance of social media and vice versa. And the reason for that is simple the amount of time people spend on social media. A study showed that users spend an average of 24 hours per day on social media websites, watching videos, playing video games, and talking to their friends. Even though the number of such users has gone down over the years, the amount of time spent on social media websites is on the rise again. So, why is it that people spend so much time on social media when there is a real estate market to buy?

Reason #2: Social Media Is Causing a Lot of Wealth to Move to a Remote Area

One of the most striking things about the rise of the Internet is the fact that it has made everyone more aware of the whole world. However, that does not only mean that we are all aware of the things that are happening in the surrounding. Everything that we do and say is translated into the local language and becomes local. Therefore, a lot of things that we buy can be considered as an attempt to bring some capital to the region. However, that has also led to a situation where a lot of people are not working in the fields that are related to computers. One of the worst things that can happen in a relationship is the situation where a spouse decides to leave the relationship because they are not able to live together. That is also true to some extent.

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