Marriage is a unique experience that combines the highest emotions and best feelings. It is a serious step on your way to co-parenting and it is a privilege to be married to such a fine person. Yet, sometimes you may feel like your union is not dignant and you need some time to heal yourself. There are many steps to get divorced without a lawyer, and you should follow them all to get divorced without any fuss.

Do Not Worry If You Need to Take Time Off Work

People often think that they need time to get away from their divorce issues. But the reality is that you will need much more than that. You will need to take a break and come back to live with your old self. If you need to go on a trip to be with your friends, take up some new hobbies or just relax, then so be it. But if you dont want to hurt your children anymore, then dont postpone anything and get ready for your next event. 

You Need Legal Permission from Your Ex-Spouse to Take Your Child Abroad

If you need to take your child abroad because of the threat of domestic violence, you need to get a divorce. But this is only possible if your ex-spouse gives you permission, which he or she should have granted you a long time ago.

If you want to take your child abroad, then you need to contact the court that will decide the fate of your child. The court will give you the needed legal advice on the issue.

You Need Legal Permission from Your Ex-Spouse to Take Your Child Abroad

If you are divorcing and your partner is the parent of your child, then you need to get a separate document that will indicate the fact that you need permission to travel to another country without your spouse. If you want to take your child Abroad, then you need to fill out a separate form that will be submitted to the court and served to your child or another person. However, if you need to travel to a place where you or your partner can stay overnight, then you can prepare all the necessary forms on your own and submit them together with the divorce application form.

You Need Written Consent from Your Ex-Spouse to Take Your Child Abroad

Finally, if you are divorcing and your partner is not the parent of your child, then you need to get a decree from the court so that the documents can be taken into the new family. The consent of both parties should be signed and notarized so that the decree can be issued.

How to Prepare for Divorce

Those people who are going to divorce need to prepare many forms and documents before they actually start filing for divorce. The documents that you need for the procedure can be different depending on the state and specific circumstances. But as a rule, the first document that you should complete is the petition for marriage dissolution. This document is needed to ask the court to dissolve your marriage. It is also possible to submit an affidavit of service. If you do not know how to submit an affidavit of marriage dissolution, you can find instructions on how to do it on the official divorce forms website. After that, you should submit the following documents:

Financial documents

Medical and health insurance papers

Property declarations

Financial statements

Search warrant

Financial affidavit

Search warrant for real estate and other items

Acknowledgment of new lines of credit

Financial affidavit of labor

Notice of service

If you have no minor children and the partner does, then you need to add an additional document, which is usually the Request for Hearing. It is needed to notify your ex-partner about the divorce process and the subsequent change in your circumstances. It can also be your petition for divorce. After that, you need to file the document with the court clerk.

Once all the necessary forms are completed, you need to send the documents to your spouse. It can be done by three methods:

In person by the sheriff of your county;

By mail or by a private process server;

With the help of professionals who understand how to submit the paperwork;

With the help of your attorney.

If you are unable to reach your spouse, you need to submit the document by publication in the local press. It can be done by anyone who is interested in helping you. The last option is to send the document by publication in the personal capacity of your partner. It is done for the judge to see the papers and to make his or her decision.

Before you Start the Way

Before you start the divorce process, you need to think about the way you are going to live after the divorce. The first part of the divorce is usually the period of living together. During that time, you should try to reduce your spouse’s role in your life. You can do it by making certain that you have no disagreements regarding the division of property or child custody. Also, you should try not to attend any legal proceedings.

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