Divorce is a time of crucial changes in your life. Along with personal life and routine changes, you will also have a completely different financial situation after you end up your marriage. It is vital to care about your financial stability and safety to be able to start a new life afterwards.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical or mental abuse and have no one to protect you, you should understand that ending your marriage is not the easiest task. It is especially difficult to cope with financial issues during such a critical phase in your life.

If you want to get over financial difficulties better, you should do your best to guarantee yourself that you have enough funds to be able to start a new life. There is no need to be in a hurry. You can do your best to guarantee yourself that you have enough cash to cover yourself and your children during the divorce process. There are a lot of emergency funds in the state for those who are affected by domestic violence or have a child and for those who are not. You can also find ways to make child support payments while you are pregnant.

There are different ways to make your family budget after the divorce. The first option is to split up and share the property, which you can do with your soul-mate. But this is only possible if you can reach an agreement on all important issues with your spouse. If you want to save your family budget, consider hiring a legal counsel already. The big problem with this method is the fact that it requires you to be a co-owner of both parties. Moreover, remember that there is a lot of property, which you can divide without your spouse being a part of it. Therefore, if you are willing to live on even with your spouse, it is better to take this option first.

The second option is to try to get a traditional divorce. This method involves many requirements, such as:

You must have lived in the state for two months minimum before starting all the procedures

You must have no minor children

You have no real estate worth billions of dollars

You must not have any connections with the banking or real estate industries.

If you are lucky enough to fit these requirements, you can apply for a divorce online. This method will allow you to carry out the process quickly and easily, yet you will still need to attend numerous hearings.

What are the divorce rates in Utah?

According to numerous studies, almost half (50%) of all marriages will end in divorce. According to the 2017 American Community Survey, the Utah divorce rate is 14.50 per 1,000 married people, and thats taking into account that over 70% of Utah residents are bound by the ties of matrimony.

According to the 2017 American Community Survey, the Utah divorce rate is significantly higher than the average rate of 16.00 per 1,000 marrieds nationwide.

What are the types of divorce in Utah?

There are two categories of divorce in this state: absolute and limited breakdown of a marriage. The former occurs when the spouses have no children and the property is sold, and the latter occurs when the spouses have minor children and their conduct is questionable.

Utah divorce laws: Reliability and accessibility

Reliability is the key characteristic of a fair and open divorce. The process of Utah divorce should be simple and understandable for all parties involved. The spouses should only have to explain their reasons for divorce and waive the mediation if they have children. After the judge accepts all the documents and talks to the spouses, the spouses have to wait from one to three months for their hearing. After that, the hearing is usually scheduled. If the spouses do not withdraw their application or fail to attend the hearing, their arguments will be heard by the judge and the decision is made.

If the hearing was successful and the spouses got what they deserved, the spouses will receive the right to have their case heard by the judge. The judge will give a summary judgment of dissolution of marriage made in the best possible way. It is unlikely that the judge will give a divorce with an abuse of factors like the petitioner and/or respondent.

After you are divorced, it is very likely that you will have to go through a lot. It may be necessary to attend court for a while, or move to another state and there the divorce process will continue. Also, check if your spouse is still living in the state and does not have access to the documents that you need.

Utah divorce documents

If you are looking for specific divorce papers in Utah, this Q&A is good place to start. Here we collected the latest available documents and we will provide you with instructions on how to apply them to your individual circumstances.

The first paper that we are interested in is the Scheduling Paper. It is the paper that is closest to the essence of the petition for marriage dissolution. It is a personal agreement that washes over the petitioner with the commitment to mutual care and love.

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