When parents have reached mutual consent in the choice of attorney and judge, the matter of child custody becomes more tractable. It is much easier to agree on the conditions under which the children will be supported, including but not limited to alimony, division of property, etc. There are also matters related to child support and visitation conditions. Once the matter is resolved with the other requirements, it becomes an uncontested divorce and thus can be handled by the court without a lawyer.

How Long Does a Divorce Take in North Carolina?

Regarding the time frame for ending a marriage, the following cases were selected by the majority of the circuit court judges:

When the partners reach a mutual agreement regarding the separation terms, it is necessary to wait for two years before the final hearing. Then the separation terms are officially adopted by the trial court and the spouses are considered legally separated.

When the agreement is fully implemented and the spouses do not have any discrepancies regarding the division of property, visitation and support, the divorce is granted.

When the agreement is completely satisfied and the spouses do not have any questions regarding the future division of property or any other disputes, the case is sent to the district court.

The entire procedure takes from two months to a year. The shortest time frame for changing the District of Columbia seal is 60 days. After that the entire procedure can take up to 90 days, which is still far less than the 360 days of court trial. Also, the eligibility criteria for changing the District of Columbia seal vary depending on the state and it is possible to choose a simpler procedure and just register the petition.

How Long Does It Take for a Divorce to Be Finalized in NC?

Since the inception of the process, the spouses have 30 days to give a response to the petition. After that, the petition will be presented to the judges office. After the judges office receives the document kit ready for submission to the court, it will notify the petitioner about doing so. The respondent will respond with the appropriate form. The respondent will also need to pay the fees for filing the petition electronically. Once the process is completed, the petitioner must deliver the paperwork to the respondent. The respondent will then needs to respond to the petition in accordance with existing law. If the answers are provided, the case is granted.

How Do You Get a Divorce in North Carolina?

How you get a divorce in North Carolina depends on certain aspects of your situation. If spouses are able to reach a mutual agreement regarding the division of property and visitation rights, this will be an easier process. You only need to complete the necessary documents, which specify the details of your and your partners responsibilities regarding childcare, division of marital debts, etc. If all these aspects have been discussed and agreed upon, there will be no need for the courts to investigate your case.

If some issues remain to be resolved, you can attend the hearing in person or by email. The judge will explain the divorce law and further instructions to you. After the hearing, you and your partner will be officially separated.

How Do You Get a Divorce in North Carolina?

Divorce is a life-shaking event, not only emotionally but also financially. The procedure can be very complicated and definitely involves a lot of time and effort. There are two methods by which you can divorce in North Carolina: through open hearings and through the use of a special service. We will discuss the first method, which is by far the most convenient and cost-effective way to get your divorce completed.

Open hearings allow you to submit your case for a trial without any trial being held. North Carolinas laws do not require the parties to come to court to answer the allegations; they just indicate that they wish to break up and live separately for a certain period of time. So, your only task is to show the judge that you are unable to continue living together due to the fact that you are divorced.

Divorce by default means that you do not require the other spouse to react to the divorce petition. It means that you have irreconcilable differences and will need to go through an agreement regarding your property, child custody and other matters before you start the procedure. Thus, the court will not be able to give you a default divorce because the agreement did not exist before filing.

H2: How to start a divorce in NC?

How to start a divorce in North Carolina? is the first question many divorcing couples ask when it comes to getting their marriage dissolved. The procedure is easy and quick and you can do it yourself if you meet all the requirements. You must fulfill the following demands:

You must live in North Carolina for at least half a year before starting the process

You must be living in the state at the time of the filing

You must have lived in the state for at least six months before starting the process

No one else is living in the state at the time of the dissolution of marriage.

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