No matter how you feel about your ex, whether you are thrilled to welcome a change in your routine or you are just sad that your spouse does not allow you to celebrate like you used to do, it does not matter at all. You have to go on with your life and forget about the possibilities of holiday cheer.

You have to learn how to survive the holidays and make them memorable. There is no need to be in a hurry. Try to plan everything and make your way clear. Do not forget about a chance to meet your new love in person once again. And the best part is, you do not have to organize a big part of your holiday cheer based on your favorite characters and settings. You can also make your own way to celebrate your new freedom. Discover new hobbies or join a local group or look for something that you always wanted to but did not have the opportunity.

If you are in a situation where you need to get a cheap divorce online, then look for a better option. We are ready to help you cope with filing for divorce in Utah without an attorney.

How Does a Cheap Divorce in Utah Look?

Now that youve decided to get divorced, you surely dont want to leave the opportunity for a happy future in the hands of an attorney. Its obvious why you would want to avoid one that may lead you into unnecessary expenses and reduce your chances for a happy life in the future. Therefore, youd better put in some efforts if you are confident that you are ready for the challenges of your post-divorce life.

The best option for someone who wants to end up with a cheap divorce in Utah is to get it without a lawyer. There are some requirements you should meet to get a divorce in Utah without one. But if you are confident enough, you can apply for an online breakup without any assistance. Youll just need to make sure that you fulfill the following demands:

You can confirm that your marriage is completely broken and there is no possibility to restore yourself.

You dont have any children in your marriage and there is no desire to bring them up.

You have no real estate to fight for and there is no desire to sell it.

You dont have any real estate or debt that you can fight over.

If you fulfill all these requirements, youll be able to get an inexpensive and quick divorce in Utah.

If you fulfill the next requirements, youll be able to split up with your partner and move on with your life easily.

If you fulfill the last requirement, you wont have to undergo any trial in court to get the divorce.

If you fulfill the next requirements, youll be able to apply for the dissolution of marriage.

If you fulfill the last one, you wont have to undergo any trials in the court to get the divorce.

If you have completed the above and you still need to know how to divorce in Utah, you can read the guide on how to apply for it.

How to get a divorce in Utah

If you are that person that has decided to end their official relationship, you surely deserve some information on the process of the divorce. If you are the one that has to file for divorce in Utah, you should know the following:

The official process starts with preparing a complaint for the breakup. 

The complaint must include at least two significant events (the birth of your child and the conclusion of the divorce process).

If you have reached consensus about everything with your spouse, you can apply for the divorce.

The next step is delivering the documents to your spouse.

Once the documents are delivered, you need to pay a fee to the court to get your case registered.

Finally, your spouse should receive copies of all the papers that were filed in their favor.

If you have kids, this should also be done. 

Parents should also attend the final hearing, which is when the judge decides on your case.

If you have enough courage, you can complete the divorce application form and submit it to the court.

When the hearing is over, you need to send the documents to your spouse. 

Your spouse will respond to this with their documents, and you will wait for 2 or 3 months until your divorce is validated by the judge.

If everything is done correctly, your divorce is granted.

Utah divorce forms

Here is a brief overview of Utah divorce forms that you should complete before applying to divorce. Please note that in certain cases, additional documentation may be required (affidavit of guardian, etc.). Do not forget to provide all the paperwork that is asked of you in this form.

We do understand that adjusting to new rules may be difficult for every single person who goes through such a process, so we created this guide for you to help you out with Utah divorce paperwork.

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