Having come to a point when the separation between husband and wife becomes impossible, an increasing number of divorcing people turn to family law attorneys. While some choose to look for legal advice in private practice, others decide on using the services of such companies during the course of their case.

It is known that there is a high correlation between divorce rates and family law attorneys. It is concluded that if the number of divorced people is increasing, so is the number of family law attorneys. While some experts claim that there is no correlation between divorce rates and family law attorneys, others point to a significant effect.

It is clear that a family law attorney is able to perform a number of functions that are not only related to divorce but also affect it. For example, when a person files for divorce, he/she does not forget to mention the services of a family law attorney. And if there is a lot of property and assets to divide, a family law attorney will be able to help.

Even if you are considering using the divorce do it yourself kit to simplify the procedure, keep in mind that it will add to the total cost of the divorce process. In case you are unable to pay the do it yourself divorce in Oklahoma kit, you are welcome to contact your local county court.

How to Get a Divorce in Oklahoma

Those people who have decided to end their relationships with their spouses have a lot to think about. First and foremost, you need to decide whether you want to get divorced in Oklahoma. If you want to save your time and money, choose to go through the process online. And even if you are not able to pay for the lawyers services, you should still understand that paying for the mediation and representation will cost you much more than just money. Therefore, if you are willing to save your time and money, choose to handle the divorce for yourself and not with the help of a lawyer. Another important consideration is the location of your residence. If you are going to file for divorce in Oklahoma, be ready to provide the documentation that is legally valid in your county.

Before you decide to represent yourself in court, make sure you have done everything correctly. Check if your petition is completed, youve filed all the necessary papers, and you are the only person who is requesting the divorce. If you are the only person who is requesting a divorce, you might want to get a lawyer. They will help you obtain all the necessary forms and assist you in the preparation of other documentation. If you are filing for divorce without a lawyer, you are most likely going to be the petitioner. If you are the petitioner, you must prepare a settlement agreement and provide the other party with all the necessary documents.

Oklahoma divorce forms

Regarding the dissolution of marriage in Oklahoma, there are some basic forms that you are likely to see. The first document is the Petition of Dissolution of Marriage or just the Petition. It is the most important document for every person who wants to get divorced without any assistance. Here you will list all the essential parts of the petition along with their answers:

Names of partners

The first thing that you should list is the fact that the spouses have to live in the state for a continuous period of time. Thus, your petition is not going to be able to be heard in any court that has not at least a couple of years of continuous residency in the state. Also, if you are looking for spousal support, consider this fact and add it to the list of demands.

A statement of financial needs

The next thing that you should list is the needs of the spouses. These needs should cover everything that an average person would consider during a divorce. It might include food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and other needs that are essential for a normal life. Do not forget to add this statement if you want to get full custody of your children.

The petitioner

The next thing that you should list is the petitioner. It is the individual who initiates the divorce. Usually, this person represents the interests of the petitioner in the dissolution of marriage. Therefore, he/she will ask for spousal support, as well as some other kind of financial assistance. If the judge grants all the requests and you manage to reach a compromise with your spouse, you will get the approval without a hearing.

The last thing that you should list is the property. It is often a problem when people list the property during the divorce process, knowing full well what they are getting. The truth is that the judge will not be able to accept the property if it was not his/her spouse’s fault. Therefore, you have to be sure that the petitioner has full knowledge of all the agreements, as well as the right to own the property.

Oklahoma divorce forms

If you have decided to divorce, you should take the time to learn more about the divorce process in Oklahoma.

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