When a couple wants to end their marriage, they should be ready to provide a list of requirements, such as:

Living in Alabama for at least half a year before filing

No pregnancy at the time of the separation

No cases of domestic violence

Being married for 8 years or less.

If any of these statements apply to a person, then the divorce is considered a contested dissolution of marriage. It is necessary to provide additional documentation regarding the person’s residency and the conditions of Alabama marriage dissolution to validate the dissolution of marriage in Alabama. The additional documentation should include:

Financial statements

Tax returns

Birth certificates

Civil partnership documents

Vital records

Acknowledgment of debts

Debts of family property division

Other similar documentation if there are any.

Civil union is the legal definition of a marriage dissolution. It is necessary to provide the exact same documentation to validate the termination of marriage as you do to file for divorce. Civil union means a marriage in Alabama that is legally the same as the official version of the legal process. Therefore, the only difference is that the dissolution of marriage is not contested.

DIY divorce in Alabama

DIY in terms of divorce means that both spouses have no intention to get a divorce and are willing to take all possible measures to ensure their separation. This process is much cheaper than undergoing a standard contested case and takes as little as a month or two. Also, it is faster and more convenient for both parties and their attorneys. Sometimes, a contested case may be avoided if the spouses have no disputes over various issues, such as child custody, visitation and support, alimony, etc. In Alabama, DIY divorce is the only appropriate option if couples have no claims to each other regarding any property or employment.

DIY in Alabama means that both spouses have no intention to undergo a trial when filing for divorce. This is the only appropriate option if there are no claims of adultery, drinking/using illegal drugs, being in a relationship for more than 6 months, etc. In Alabama, filing for divorce without a lawyer may be the only option for those who do not want to commit any serious misconduct and are able to reach an agreement with each other.

DIY in Alabama has become a convenient and convenient solution for those who want to get divorced quickly and without any issues. With an easy and reasonably priced DIY divorce in Alabama, you will be able to achieve the desired results with minimal effort and within a short period of time.

Alabama divorce forms online Alabama divorce forms

The process of Alabama divorce is complicated by numerous factors. Although attempting to deal with the legal aspects of the divorce will cost you much time and effort, Alabama online divorce nonetheless offers the fastest and surest way to cope with the legal aspects of your controversial separation. Alabama divorce forms online are full of useful information that will be suitable for both lawyers and amateurs alike. Alabama divorce forms online are created online and contain all the necessary forms in a simple and understandable way. All the forms are updated regularly so that you can keep up with the most recent changes with no trouble. Alabama divorce forms online are affordable and simple to understand so that you can get a cheap divorce in Alabama with no effort and with no stress.

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The full package of documents containing all the necessary forms. This method of getting an Alabama divorce is widely used and is a great alternative to using a lawyers help. Youll get the correct forms for your divorce, and you wont need to look for any instructions on how to fill them out. All the documents will be accurately filled out with your personal data and will not contain any errors. Alabama divorce forms online: Which counties will you receive your divorce papers from?

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