When you are in the midst of the divorce process, you surely dont want to leave your spouse without a chance to grieve over past hurts and celebrate future successes. Being burdened with such a heavy heart and soul-searching, it may be neither time-consuming nor convenient to bury your spouse’s ashes in a few days in a city or even on the Internet.

Instead, consider how you can commemorate your departed loved one with dignity and respect. Consider such options as:

• co-parenting;

• visitation rights;

• shared calendar;

• sending occasional emails to your spouse;

• signing up on a dating platform;

• crowd-sourced justice.

Still, you should learn to associate all these options with no-fault reasons. For you, it will be easier to maintain your dignity as a co-parent and judge truth and fairness in the course of conduct.

Do You Have a Financial Need for Your Child?

If you have emancipated yourself from the chains of matrimony, you should appreciate the parental obligation you feel. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have a dignified co-parenting. Unfortunately, financial issues are frequent in divorce cases and have a real impact on the stability of relationships and the destiny of children.

But understanding your financial needs and concerns will help you to manage your anger and passion for control. If you cannot control your financial issues, there are services, like, that can help release you from worries about your finances and provide you with the mental and physical support you need.

What Happens When a Divorce Goes Wrong?

When the fast divorce online option becomes available for parents, many concerns arise. There is a great deal of stress and anxiety when two people, who have to deal with seemingly minor issues, become involved in a messy and overheated debate. Divorce is far not the end of life; it is just the physical and psychological exhaustion caused by constant business with the ex.

Many feel that the negative impact of the divorce cannot be denied. There is evidence from various sources that indicates that divorce is directly proportional to the level of divorce. Complex issues affecting different families cannot be underestimated. Given the said, it is no wonder that an average divorce lasts for 6 -9 months. Moreover, many are surprised to finally learn about the fact that divorce is not the end of life, but just the new normal.

There will be a sense of normalcy for a while. Then all at once the ex-spouses will start disappearing. The disappearance of one of the main players in the life of every person is like a piece of beautiful music. Then one can understand that the old life, which seemed so successful at the beginning, has completely gone. Then one can understand why such a difficult divorce should be as easy as it is.

Here are some of the most common reasons not to trust your ex-spouse about the divorce:


•relative reliability;


•quantity of harmful behavior.

And the list of such reasons does not end. There are many more, but you get the idea. If you are not on good terms with your ex, then you have to be extremely careful, because the chances are that very soon you will have to divorce.

Do Not Try to Mask Your Feelings

When you are in a state of divorce, you should not pretend to be unaffected. You need to understand that your ex-husband or wife is not your real self. You need to understand that you have offended him/her, and only in your ex-husband’s defense. Therefore, even if you are going through with your ex-husband, do not let this mask of sympathy mask your anger.

You Need to Understand That Your Husband Has a Right to Live with You

Even if your ex-husband does not physically or sexually abuse you, and you have dealt with such an incident, you still need to understand why your ex-partner has to live with you. And in this case, you need to show your solidarity with him/her.

If you are Right, Then You Need to Help

But if you are Left, Then You Need to Come to Terms with Your Ex

If you are Right, Then You Need to Help

And here I use the term “helplessness card”, because at first glance, it seems that you need help from both sides. You need someone to talk to, who will condemn what is wrong with your ex and help you. But this person needs to be flexible, so that you can put your fate in his/her hands.

It would not seem difficult’, but it is difficult to find a person who does not want to give you a helping hand. No matter how much you need it, you need someone who will listen to you, and do it in a calm and easy to understand manner.

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