Divorce is a genetic condition. The occurrence of such a genetic condition is not certain. It is worth adding that such a separation is not inevitable in all cases. There is a high chance that such a genetic condition will only be found in 2% of cases and that this rate will decrease with each year. So, this means that you should not worry about the presence of such a defect in any given case.

What Causes Divorce?

Perhaps, some people consider divorce to be a purely physical process. However, today there is much more that we need to think about when going through such a stressful and emotionally draining process as a divorce. Here, it is necessary to briefly describe the main causes of divorce.

• unintention – Almost half (50%) of all divorces are caused by one of the spouses intentionally abandoning the case. Usually, this happens in the early stages of the divorce. Sometimes, one of the spouses simply does not care and the case does not even get to the court. In such cases, spouses need to state that there is no chance for reconciliation and go through the official channels.

• fault – Another important reason for divorce is the husband or wife has Alzheimer’s disease. This is the physical and mental fact that the spouses cannot cope with each other and thus are not able to forgive one another. If this is the case, then there is a high risk that the divorce will last longer and be more stressful for both partners.

• repeat – Once a person has been living in the state for at least a year, then it is time to think about moving to a different place. If the spouse has lived in the state at least a year, then it is safe to say that the situation has changed and there is a need to change everything. The following steps will help you find the way to be happy again.

1.      Friends

Just like with everything else in this world, your friends are the best source of inspiration and help. When you are alone, your friends help you with everything. You may not be able to have the same amount of friends, but you can surely do something for them. Do not get discouraged, these are the best friends you could ask for. They will always support you, no matter what decision you make. And the ones who are not in your life and do not help you are not the worst ones to do something for you.

2.      Alcohol

If you have never had one, then it is time to start. According to experts, heavy alcohol consumption is directly related to the 3% higher risk of developing mental disorders in the offspring. Consuming alcohol will make you believe that there is no problem, because you can do this and the problem will go away. Once again, this will lead to a situation where you and your ex-spouse are at each others throats.

3.      Cheating

If you have been in a situation where your spouse cheated on you, then there is a high chance that you will cut your ties with him/her. Drinking heavily is also linked to a situation where a person can cheat on their partner multiple times. Once again, this will not be taken as an accident, but something that will be explained as a consequence of the way you and your spouse have been living.

Information on how to protect yourself from emotional trauma caused by divorce

Divorce is always an emotional rollercoaster. Even if you are the one who wants to go through all these emotions, you still have to be strong and avoid letting your emotions go to waste. If you are in a situation where you are afraid of making any decision, then these are some tips that may help you out:

1.      Look at the situation

If you are in a situation where you are thinking about divorce, then you have to understand that it requires understanding. You have to understand that there is no turning back, and both sides are interested in your happiness. Therefore, both you and your spouse need to understand the situation and try to find a solution. If both of you are interested in moving to a happy place, then there is no need to hide anything from each other. Tell your story to your spouse and make a deal. If you can’t talk about something and the solution is found, it is a positive sign that you are going to a place where you will be happy.

2.      Be patient

The hardest thing is to be absolutely sure that the deal will work out. You should not put your best efforts on the first try. You have to be sure that the solution will come out of left field. You also have to be sure that the solution will not harm other people. If it does harm, then there is a better way to go.

3.      Try to team up with your spouse

This idea is the best way to avoid seeing everything as absolutely, positively terrible.

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