Given the fact that every American state has its own family law, divorce in Nevada must be initiated in either of the following two ways:

by filling out a complaint or by attending a hearing.

Both fiddlers agree that their best interest should be the primary consideration when filing for divorce in Nevada. Therefore, both of them should choose a simpler and more affordable means of getting divorced.

If you are a parent to a minor, child or spouse who wishes to end the marriage in order to save his or her child from possible mistreatment in the course of the divorce process, you must file a complaint. The minor is defined as a person less than 18 years of age who either party can trace back to the original spouse. Also, the child is defined as a person who either party can prove paternity of either spouse. Therefore, the guardian is the only person who can file for divorce in Nevada without a witness.

However, the guardian is not the only person who needs to be concerned about legal protection of their minor children. When considering the matter of child custody, the following considerations should be remembered:

Both spouses should give consent to the child’s transfer to one of their parents

Neither spouse can personally visit the child

Neither spouse can take the child to another family member’s house during the time the divorce process is in progress.

Even though the court may grant no custody to minors, it does have the right to delegate the matter of child support to a parent or someone who is in close proximity. The court is not obliged to approve all the claims of the petitioner, but it should act in accordance with the general principles of law.

When considering the matter of child support, both spouses should remember that Nevada is known around the country as a no-fault state. That is why, while the majority of marriages in Nevada are characterized by no-fault, there are also many provisions that can turn the fault-based. Among such factors are the financial needs of both spouses, and the influence of friends and relatives.

Also, there is the issue of alimony. Prior to the completion of the divorce process, both of the spouses should be living apart for a minimum of 6 weeks. If the petitioner wishes to receive alimony, he or she must prove that the other spouse is permanently living in Nevada. If the respondent does not wish to receive such support but was living in Nevada when the petition was filed, he or she must prove that the petitioner has permanently lived in NV for at least 6 weeks before the effective date of the decree.

Finally, there is the issue of guardianship. The petitioner can designate anyone as his or her guardian if he or she is a military officer or police officer and the latter has lived in Nevada for at least 6 weeks. The respondent does not need to prove his or her age.

Note that the marriage dissolution is considered to be uncontested in Nevada if the parties do not have any unresolved questions. Also, the decree will not be argued in court.

Do it yourself divorce in Nevada

If spouses have decided to end their official relationship and are ready to cooperate with each other, they can apply for an online divorce in Nevada. In this case, the minor children are not involved in the process and the parents are able to make arrangements on their own. Also, the petitioners will have to provide financial statements to prove their ability to financially support themselves after the dissolution.

If the spouses are unable to reach an agreement, they can turn to mediators. Those who are able to reach an agreement will provide information about their financial circumstances. However, those who do not know the whereabouts of their spouses should provide a statement to the court. The statement should contain information about their employment, income, debt, and assets.

When the judge signs the final decree, he or she also signs the report of dissolution of marriage. The document is available on the court website.

Online divorce in Nevada

Divorce is never an easy process. However, if you choose to go through the process without any assistance, it will save you from unnecessary costs and after the divorce. In this case, you can get a cheap divorce in Nevada that is both quick and easy.

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Filing for divorce in Nevada

Before you file for divorce in Nevada, you need to prepare the petition for the dissolution of marriage.

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