Even if you are filing for divorce online , you should be ready for any eventuality. No matter how remote your location is, you have to be under the same roof with your child not only for school and doctor appointments but also for doctor consultations and various child-related issues. Therefore, keep in mind that your child may be near you at all times and this will be an issue you have to watch out as well.

Still, if you are still a passive parent, you dont need to worry about your child. The online services can provide you with all the necessary forms and documents so that you can manage your relationship with your ex-spouse without problems. 

Documents Needed for Divorce

Besides the petition for dissolution of marriage, there are a number of other necessary forms that you should fill out if you intend to carry out the procedure legally. They include:

Financial statements


Documents relating to real estate, vehicles, and other valuable items




And many other forms that you should fill out if you want to get divorced without a lawyer.

While the online procedure is relatively cheap, you need to understand that the cost of divorce will vary depending on many factors. Generally, it is needed to pay for a lawyers services, which usually includes additional forms and documents.

You may also be asking yourself How do I file for divorce in Utah without a lawyer? If you are not able to pay the filing fee, you may be able to get assistance with completing the paperwork. This type of divorce involves a complicated and time-consuming step-by-step process that requires you to handle the paperwork and make corrections yourself.

If you decide to submit the paperwork online, you wont have to hire attorneys. Instead, youll complete the process with the help of a process server or a service provider. These companies will take care of all the paperwork and provide you with all the documents needed to submit the case.

If you are unable to pay the filing fee, you may be able to be exempt. To do this you will have to fill out the fee waiver form and submit it. This will let the court approve your claim and grant you the benefits of a simplified hearing and a quick divorce in Utah.

Utah divorce forms online

Filing for divorce in Utah without a lawyer online is not required for most couples who are able to come to an agreement regarding your child custody and other issues. If you decide to apply for the uncontested procedure, however, you should make sure you have filled out all the necessary forms. After you have them, youll be ready to file for an uncontested divorce.

Here you will find a short list of Utah divorce forms that you should complete to start the matter:

Financial statements

Portfolio statement

Life insurance policy

Medical certificate

Confidential information sheet

Code of personal jurisdiction.

More detailed information on the uncontested dissolution of marriage can be found on our website.

Once you complete the short forms and papers, youll be ready to submit the petition for marriage dissolution. This document is a personal invitation to your partner to a hearing of your case. If you invite your spouse to attend, your divorce will still be valid even if he or she does not wish to participate.

At this stage, you need to send copies of the documents to your partner. The first thing you should do is to serve the copies of the petition to your spouse. Next, you should send a request for a hearing to be held in the county where either of you lives. The spouse who is not living in Utah but who is supposed to be living here should respond within one month. If you received the document package by email, you should send a copy of the petition to your partner for him or her to answer.

If the requested change of address happened, you should send a copy of the document package to your partner for a reply. You need to remember that the divorce is never final until you get the decree from the court. So, if you want to make sure that your request gets approved, make sure to send the document package to your partner as soon as possible.

Note that the change of address and the reply should be on the same day. If you did not do it yourself, you might have to pay a fee. You should not wait more than 60 days if you want to get the divorce. After that you should move on to the other stages of the divorce process.

When you get the acknowledgement of service, you need to send copies of the documents to your partner. It means that you accept the divorce and you represent yourself in court correctly. You also need to send a fee for the document service. It might vary from one county to another. If you manage to reach an agreement with your partner, you should submit the document package by the appropriate means.

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