The legal issues that you need to understand if you are planning to get a divorce include child support, alimony and visitation rights, among others. The issue of visitations seems to get the most attention, and there is even a chance that both spouses will be required to attend the court proceedings.

However, there is also the question of duration. According to the traditional law of California, the minimum term for a divorce is 60 days, but the court may extend this to a year or more. Moreover, the dissolution may be extended to two years or more. Thus, the best option seems to be to complete the whole process quickly and with little fuss, and then bring the situation to the court.

Many people feel that there would be no problems if the process was carried out online. But this has not been the experience of many who decided to dissolve their marriage in an online manner. In this case, the spouses have to go through the process on their own, without any assistance.

Many couples decide on obtaining online assistance and going through the simplified filing process. But this also brings several problems. First, the number of required papers greatly increases. Two full packages will surely be required if you have children and another one will be for yourself. Moreover, there are some other requirements that you should be aware of if you are seeking a divorce in California without a lawyer.

Here is a concise overview of the most important points to keep in mind when filing for divorce in California without a lawyer.

Bring the Case to the Court

Many spouses decide on mounting a quick divorce online and then go to the court to get the required divorce papers. But this action does not go far enough. You need to bring the case to the court. And if you do not do this correctly, you will have to postpone the dissolution of your matrimony for a period of two years and even three years.

Factors That You Should Consider Before Making a Decision to File for Divorce in California

Although filing for divorce in California without a lawyer is a convenient option, it has a number of significant aspects that can influence your decision. As a rule, the first thing to consider is the residency requirement. In this case, you have to provide proof that your spouse has lived in the state for half a year or served the court with papers.

If you are going to have an uncontested divorce, this does not imply that you need to bring your partner with you to the court. However, if you need evidence of your partner’s dishonesty, you might need to mention this in your divorce application.

Remember that the divorce process is a very sensitive matter that requires a well-informed decision. You have to provide the state with which you have no doubts that your better half has violated your trust. Moreover, you will be required to present additional documents that confirm your residency.

If you are filing for divorce in California with the help of , then you must also consider the family court aspect. By applying for the dissolution of marriage in this state, you not only demonstrate your commitment to a joint parenting plan but also demonstrate that you are economically inactive enough to be able to pay the court fees.

A Divorce in California: The Final Thoughts

In the end, remember that your decision to end your marriage is your own decision. It should not be forced upon you. To avoid any confusion, youd better leave this to chance. Agree, it is easier to try to resolve all issues by yourself and save your time and money.

Divorce is a serious decision that you should make with your own hands. You need to be able to rationalize the difficult situation that you are in, you shouldnt be afraid of anything. You should see in all possible sides of any issue, you should choose the best option for yourself and your better half. Going through the divorce might be really stressful and affect you a lot. Therefore, you should do everything to make your life easier during this stressful period.

How to File for Divorce in Colorado

Starting from the decision to file for divorce, you should be constantly vigilant about personal safety. The more you plan, the more it will seem like you are working on the divorce itself.

The first thing you should do is to check if you are eligible to get a divorce in this state. The next thing you should take care of is the details you should provide to the court. There are still some requirements, you should mention in your divorce papers. They are:

Your spouse should give you a copy of the petition and a statement of your case.

Your spouse should give you the papers confirming that you are divorced.

You should specify the grounds for the divorce.

You should specify the order of the divorce.

You should indicate the communication you want to have with your partner regarding the divorce.

You should specify the duration of the marriage.

You should specify the condition you are applying for.

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