We will not send you to court to collect your papers. You will receive all the documents,illed out correctly, and you will take part in the trial with your partner. This option allows you to avoid paying high lawyers fees and to speed up the divorce process. If you choose this method of getting a divorce in MA, you dont have to go to trial and will avoid going through multiple trials.

If you would rather choose a simpler and faster alternative, you can get an online divorce in Massachusetts without a lawyer. If you choose this option, you will not have to undergo multiple trials and will be able to get a quick divorce in MA without any assistance.

Below youll find the details on how to get a divorce in MA without a lawyer and what to do in the quickest and easiest way.

Preparing divorce papers for Massachusetts residents

When you are ready to get divorced in Massachusetts, you should prepare specific documents to be filed with the court. The preparation of divorce papers in this state is a significant part of the divorce process. It needs to be done quickly and mustnt contain any errors. If you are doing your own research on divorce, you should make certain that you choose the correct papers and deliver them to the court. The court will review them and either approve or reject them. If you are doing it yourself, you can prepare the documents online. But this option is not suitable for everyone and is likely to lead to many complications in the course of the divorce.

If you need to get divorced in Massachusetts and have a certain type of divorce applied to your case, you need to read and follow the requirements of Awkward Situations for Marriage (2013). It is likely to cause some difficulties and you should better get recourse to a legal counsel to help you out with all the requirements and provide you with all the necessary documentation. In other words, prepare yourself for a contested divorce and have a more structured procedure to choose from.

The demands of Massachusetts divorce law mean only that you must individually apply to the court and swear an oath of fidelity to your self. If you are filing for divorce in Massachusetts and have certain relationships with your spouse that are considered to be an essential part of your divorce, you must individually provide the divorce with Massachusetts divorce papers. The documents are filed in the family court in the county where you currently live. The judge investigates your case and you are expected to provide your divorce with the form attesting to the fact of your marital union. If you wish to file for divorce in MA without a lawyer, you may do it by yourself but make sure you meet all the requirements. You must submit the documents to the family court in the county where either of you resides. It is also worth mentioning that you should not have any sexual relations with your spouse before the judge gives you the divorce decree. If you have minor children and your partner is abusive and verbally abusive towards them, you should file for divorce immediately even if it was not the intended action. You are not required to tell anyone about your decision not to seek divorce. You are expected to keep this secret from your partner and even from your lawyer if needed.

This action is taken even if you have no desire to separate from your spouse physically or mentally. If the judge does not find something objectionable in you or you are just tired of your previous lifestyle, you can start the divorce process. You start the proceedings by filling out the questionnaire on our website and following the instructions on how to provide the documents to the appropriate court. After the document package is submitted to the court, you receive a divorce decree. It is significant to mention that the original divorce decree must still be signed by the judge.

You must also pay court fees when filing for divorce in MA. If you are filing for divorce in Massachusetts and intend to have an uncontested Massachusetts divorce, you can get your petition approved with no fuss. For this you should reach an agreement with your spouse and your requests should be created in written form. When this is done, you have to send the documents to your partner with the documentation. If you do this successfully, you will just need to submit the formal papers to the court and wait until your hearing is carried out. The next step after the formal petition is submitting the documents to your spouse. This can be done by three possible ways:

Hire a process server to deliver the documents to your spouse personally

Bring the papers to your spouse by the nearest convenient and timely way

Post a formal request for a hearing

Enter your plea in front of a judge.

The last option is to attend a short hearing where the judge will give you the choice of accepting the case or resolving it through mediation. This is how you can avoid the need for a trial. As soon as the judge accepts your documents, you will be notified if there is an opportunity to attend your trial.

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