Many states provide an opportunity for marrieds to file for divorce without specifying the ground for their union. But while some states have such an opportunity, others dont. In California, there are two categories of couples who have to deal with the additional complication of a trial: those who have minor kids and those who dont.

Minor kids are those children whose presence is essential for their parents to raising a child properly. They include those whose marriage lasted less than two years. Also, anyone who is responsible for a child has to register those childrens lives in court. Hence, it is crucial to be able to locate the joint childrensummitable agreement regarding the custody of any given child.

Co-parenting is one of the most common grounds for divorce in the modern world. But while some people consider it an inevitable feature of any decent family, others dont want it in their marriage. For this very reason, some spouses seek co-parenting online as a quick divorce alternative.

The process of filing for divorce in California without a lawyer is equal to the process of getting a California divorce packet. Here you will find all the necessary forms and instructions on how to fill them out properly. If you are going to use the help of a website, then you can entrust this to our divorce experts. We will help you with all the papers filled out properly and accurately so that your divorce is approved and granted.

Additional forms for uncontested divorce in California are:

Civil union agreement

Marital dissolution agreement

Stipulation for no-fault divorce in California

Identification and child support guidelines

Confidential Information Sheet

Financial statements

Property division forms

There are many other forms and documents that you should fill out if you are pregnant, need to plan a divorce or have questions about your property or life together with your partner. We provide professional support throughout this process.

Additional confidential forms for uncontested divorce in California are:

Health insurance plan

Life insurance plan

Property division forms

Alimony notice

Confidential Information Sheet

If you are the guardian of a minor child, you need to complete an affidavit that you will provide to the court. The other spouse should sign and submit.

The last step in filing for divorce is attending a hearing where the judge will give you and your partner a divorce complaint. If you are unable to attend the hearing, you can register online at your local county clerks office. The last available opportunity to get a divorce is on the first and third Friday of every month, respectively. Please note that if you move to a new location and cant reach out to your spouse, you will have to file a new affidavit.

The last step in responding to a complaint is attending a hearing where you will be given the forms necessary for your complaint. After that, you must register your affidavit in the court. After that, you must serve your spouse with copies of the forms you have completed. After that, you must wait for a response from your spouse and the judge. After everything is settled, you receive the notice to respond to the next form.

If you are responding to a complaint, you need to submit a divorce application. This form contains information regarding your and your partner, as well as the recommendations regarding your actions. If you are an applicant, you need to submit a document called the Final Decree of Dissolution of Marriage that describes the agreement you have with your spouse. Upon filing, your spouse must give a response within 20 days. If no response is received from your spouse, you submit your affidavit to the court. There is no waiting period, however this demand must be fulfilled. If no response is received from your spouse, you submit your documents to the judge. Here you are granted a divorce.

If you are a defendant, you need to fill out the form called the Acknowledgment of Service. Here you should describe the agreement you have with your partner and list all the demands regarding your property, money and children. Upon submission, your spouse has 30 days to respond after you have provided the latest update on your situation. If no response is received from your spouse, you submit your documents to the judge. Here you are granted a response after being subpoenaed to appear in front of a judge.

If you are not able to attend the hearing, you can send an email to the court. In the UK, divorce forms for cases with children are usually given much sooner than those for cases without children.

Duration of the process

Different people have different reasons as to why they decide to get a divorce. For instance, some couples have kids while others do not. Still, if both spouses agree on all the terms, the process can be completed in a matter of months instead of a year. Moreover, some couples even find it possible to go through the simplified procedure online as it is relatively cheap and much easier.

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