Divorce can harm not only those who imbibe alcoholic beverages but also their partners. It has been proved that children who have divorced are twice as likely to suffer from behavioral problems and health problems as those who stay with parents. As parents, we are horrified by the fact that our children are being misled by our partners and we are failing to provide them with the love and care that they need. It has also been proved that children who spend too much time on our devices are less likely to have strong feelings for a parent and to feel loved and safe.

It is crucial to understand that your children do not have to suffer in silence because of the guilt of parents. Every effort should be made to improve the situation and protect the kids, no matter what.

It would not be fair to children if parents did not communicate and did not listen to each others stories. When there is a dispute between two parties regarding custody or child support, children are not going to be spared either the correct or the incorrect decision. If parents did not listen to each others stories and tried to silence those who dared to speak out, then there is a high risk that the children will not be safe.

Parents should understand that there is no need to protect their kids from negative parenting styles. Each of the methods of divorce has its own pros and cons, and it is important for parents to understand these details and weigh their options wisely.

Parents should understand that there is no universal recipe for how to provide children with love and have a happy life. Each case is unique and has its own requirements that must be fulfilled by the spouses themselves. For all children, it is particularly important to understand that there is no need to make every effort to prove their parents wrong. Rather, the only appropriate response is to let the children have their parents’ house and to discuss what to do with the children with the non-parent.

Non-commitment – when spouses do not commit to making a child love another parent, but neither confirms nor denies the reports of another spouse about the state of the family and mutual feelings between ex-spouses, it is best to end the relationship. It is also important to understand that the non-commitment may be short-lived. For example, one of the spouses may suddenly start a relationship with a different person, and within a short period of time, we may be looking at a situation where the non-commitment is alive and well and couples are happy again.

However, if one of the spouses does not love nor does not want to be loved by another, and there is no trace of love and trust between them, then there is no way for a long-term relationship. There is only one way to find out if this person wants to take part in the family: to live it out and make the person love you again.

Dangerous Comparison – in a relationship, one of the partners becomes a burden to the other one, and comparison is the best medicine for both of them. While a person can criticize his or her partner for not being rich, tall or beautiful enough, someone compares such a characteristic to one of his or her partners, and thinks that such a trait is absolutely normal. Such a trait will cause a feeling of dissatisfaction, envy, and anger, and such an attitude can even cause a real suicide. After all, what is the use of words like ‘beautiful’ and ‘handsome’ when you can compare these compliments and calls of ‘superiority’ and ‘mysteriousness’? Such an attitude will cause a situation where the person does not know how to act and reacts violently. If such a person is not prepared, it is very possible that violent behavior will be the order of the day. Such a person does not understand that he or she is far from perfect, but simply compares the spouses as people – and this leads to many misunderstandings and even a threat. The person does not understand that such behavior will not be tolerated, but nevertheless continues to compare the spouses. Such a trait will cause a lot of unnecessary anger, so such a comparison is not the best option.

Cheating – a person focuses on his or her spouse and becomes very satisfied with the couple. However, when it comes to cheating, there is a huge difference between friends and faithful spouses. If the cheating has happened and the partner trusts the person who has cheated on him or her, there is a problem. The spouse will not be satisfied with such behavior and will seek revenge. The person who cheated will not feel safe and hence will not be able to trust anyone. Moreover, such a threat will not disappear by itself but must be taken seriously. After all, how can you live without being under constant stress and pressure if you are a victim of domestic violence?

The above-mentioned issues can be further clarified by looking at the relationships with other women which contrast them with the traditional family.

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